Tweets from Olympic Athletes


Photo from Twitter

Ever wonder what your favorite Olympic athletes are thinking right before their big event? Here are today's tweets from my favorite Olympians.

Julia Mancuso: K, so great turnout on the comp... looking like a tight race!!! can't wait for second run!!

Evan Bates: It's my 21st birthday and I'm at the 21st Winter Olympics. Sounds like the perfect time to utilize the free McDonalds in the cafeteria.

Steve Fisher: That's a wrap! For the pipe shoot, that is. Now going to hit some jumps. First time in freeway this year!

Elana Meyers: Olympic debut today!!! Time to go to work! "For the Lord is with me, I shall not fear, for what can man do to...

Apolo Ohno: Another day closer. Switching gears to prep for the sprints. The 500 is like playing craps...It will be fun.


Who's your favorite athlete? Do you follow him/her on Twitter?

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