Canadian Women Earn Back Pride, Curler Delivers: Olympic Highlights Day 11


Photo from Olympics/NBC

Canada earns back their honor, Canadian curler delivers, and an Austrian flies. More Olympic highlights after the jump.


Looks like the ladies had to make up for the men's lacking in hockey. The Canadian women's hockey team heads to the finals against the U.S. I'm not worried...we'll do to their women's team what we did to their men's hockey team.

Remember that Canadian curler that's pregnant? Well, she delivered. Not the baby silly, she's only six months along. What she did deliver was a couple of shots during their game against Sweden. Kristie Moore had to get on the ice at some point in order to get a medal so they put the soon-to-be-mama on the ice once they secured the win.

More ice-dancing awesomeness.

Austrian Gregor Schlierenzauer led his team to a ski-jumping gold medal with his 480-foot flight jump. Couldn't say his name for the life of me, but Gregor S. sure made quite the mark.

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