My Shocking Chat Roulette Experience

chat roulette

Photo from Chat Roulette; Me chatting with, er, Homer Simpson

I have kept hearing about this Chat Roulette website for the past few weeks, so I thought I'd give it a whirl.


Now, this is a website that randomly connects you with strangers, putting you instantly inside their homes via webcam, with no filtering. And when I say no filtering, I really mean, no filtering.

It's not for the feint of heart. In fact, some scenarios require quite a stomach to handle.

The first person I chatted with was a 40-year-old in West Virginia. Totally normal. It was also his first time using the site (so he said). But it quickly became dull and I found myself feeling like I do in bars after a guy buys me a drink. Obligated to talk, even though I feel awkward and bored. Granted, I could just click "next" and be whisked away to some other person, but I felt that I needed to politely excuse myself. Unfortunately for me, Chat Roulette is not exactly geared toward the civilized, as I quickly found out in my next encounter...



Yes, in fact, over the next 45 minutes, I encountered a total of nine penises. I couldn't click the "next" button fast enough. Needless to say, my dreams last night consisted of a lot of phallic-looking objects. Ick.

But, besides the penises, I chatted with a guy from Germany who's coming to America to travel the Route 66 in April and a sweet couple with bad English from Instanbul, attempted to perfect my French with a Parisian,  and had a convo with Homer Simpson (see photo above) and a trio of creepy animal people (see below photo).

chat roulette

Photo from Chat Roulette

And that was on a Monday afternoon...I can only imagine the characters I'd come across if I did this on a Friday night.

Mothers, be warned, keep your teenage daughters far, far away. It's definitely a male-dominated site, filled with creepazoids. Out of about 20 people I was connected with, only two were women. Thinking maybe it was gender-specific, I had my guy friend do a trial run as well. He then yelled at me for suggesting a site where he was flashed dudes' private parts. Oops. Clearly, gender doesn't play a role (sorry, Caleb).

Strange? Possibly one of the strangest things I've yet to see on the Internet. Intriguing? You bet. With each click, you're hoping to come across someone doing something even more ridiculous than the previous person. Just Google Chat Roulette pictures... see my point?

Totally worth the penises.

Have you ever tried Chat Roulette? If so, what was your experience like?

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