Why Did Tiger Apologize?

I posted on Tiger Woods' big apology last week, but after a few days of stewing over it, I have to wonder...why did he apologize?


Yes, cheating's wrong, blah, blah, blah. But what the heck is he apologizing to us for? He wasn't sneaking around on us, lying to our faces...

Imagine if you have a slip-up (or twelve), having to stand in front of all your peers and admit to your mistake while awkardly shuffling cards and trying not to make eye contact with anyone. It's like taking the elephant in the room and shooting it. And now you're just left with a large, rotting carcass. What good does it do except stink up the situation even more?

I think this is definitely something that needs to be handled in the privacy of Tiger's home and lots of moms feel the same way I do:

itsmesteph11: This concerns no one but his family and himself. People say "Oh but he is a celebrity and he has to hold himself up to better standards." Phooey. Of course what he did is wrong but he didn't do it to anyone but himself and his family. If your kid was in awe of him, it's your responsibility to tell them that what he did was wrong and no one is perfect but it is up to him to work through it with God and his family. It's no one else's business.

Ladybugkisses76: Having lots of money, big corporations backing you and world full of pissed off fans will make you believe you have to kiss more than a few asses to return to your normal life. He and his "team" know that if he is to rebound at any level then this HAD to be done. There were some who felt he needed to open up and let people see that he was actually human (honestly, up til now he always seemed to me to be very cold and rigid). If he truly keeps his nose clean, most people will forgive him in due time. But I agree, he owes me no apology. Nice to see that he did tho.

Ash9724: He didn't cheat on me. I'm not his wife. I'm not sponsoring him with millions of dollars a year. So why the hell is he apologizing to me?! But I guess that's the mentality that people have when you're a celebrity...that everything that goes on in your life is our business too...which is one reason I would never want to be famous.  

What do you think? Do you think Tiger should have been obligated to give a nice, rehearsed, public apology?

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