Tweets From Olympic Athletes

Photo from Twitter

Ever wonder what your favorite Olympic athletes are thinking right before their big event? Here are today's tweets from my favorite Olympians.

Mercedes Nicoll: don't know what songs they played last night during my runs, but I hope at least one was single ladies! haha xoxo

Jeremy Abbott: Well reality crashes in this morning, but I will only :( 4 a while. Then I face the world w/ my head held high, & enjoy this beautiful day!

Apolo Ohno: Headed to the coliseum 4 official training time..another beautiful day! I feel amazing. Tomorrow is going to b caaraazzzy! Can u dig it?

Jesse Lumsden: The day before! its almost time. Not much longer till Mr. Hyde can come out to play.

Nicole Joraanstad: About to play Russia. Going to give it all we got today. :)

Who's your favorite athlete? Do you follow him/her on Twitter?

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