Tweets from Olympic Athletes


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Ever wonder what your favorite Olympic athletes are thinking right before their big event? Here are today's tweets from my favorite Olympians.


Johnny Weir: Relaxing before the long. I hope everyone can be transported tonight. God protect me and give me wings.

Chad Hedrick: Hanging with my wife in Vancity! Two goals today- quality time and great sushi!

Kikkan Randall: Nice day of cruisin' on the tourist tracks. Feeling a little wiped after yesterday but the sun is out and it's a great day to be a skier!

Charlie White: Right on! Hey e'ryone, practice is great, village is awesome, people are very cool. On our way to practice, but feelin ready for game time!

Liz Stephen: Go Biathletes!! Preparing for the late start pursuit tomorrow. Heading up to train in an hour. Sunny, great day. should be bomber skiing!

Who's your favorite athlete? Do you follow him/her on Twitter?

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Tweets from Olympic Athletes

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