Ramblings on the Winter Olympics

Olympic ringsI find it interesting how, when the Winter Olympics roll around, people are suddenly chattering about sports that, up until the Opening Ceremony, they've never given a rat's buttocks about. 


And who do you know has enrolled their child into the local "curling" league? Well, unless you're Canadian. I bet Canadians curl on their way to work. Only because what the heck else are you going to do in a vast iced-over wasteland? (Typical arrogant American talking here). I'm actually a little disappointed that we're beating them. Come on, Canada, you have no excuses! We have fried chicken and summers down here to derail our athletes!

With that being said, how well do nations like the Cayman Islands think they're gonna do? Does it even snow there? More importantly, does it get below 70 degrees there? Just checked Wikipedia...negative, it does not get below 73 degrees. I guess the chance of being the next Jamaican bobsled team and being turned into a Disney movie can give one enough drive. God I love that movie.

And why aren't lugers aren't fat? Surely, a 250-pounder would be able to get down the hill much faster than a 175-er. In my mind, that's a terrific strategy. Perhaps I'll give myself reason to gain weight and take up a new hobby. Hear that, Team America? Don't be surprised if you see me in 2014.

My mind is having quite the stroll today. Clearly, it's Friday.

Feel free to share your random and unimportant thoughts on the Olympics with me (so I don't feel like such a weirdo).

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