What Does Your Search Engine Choice Say About You?


Photo from Google

I'm a Googler and, according to a recent study, that means I am "the average Internet Joe" -- conventional, yet open to trying new things and that I believe in following rules and don't consider myself any smarter or less intelligent than the person next to me.


Umm, okay.

Do you Yahoo? Well then you're supposedly 55-plus, reserved and a less-independent group with little faith in imagination. You feel they have little control over your future and are skeptical and cautious of new or untried ideas.

AOL customers feel less intellectual than their peers, are 55 and older, spend their money more responsibly, want to blend in to the crowd, feel like they've gotten a raw deal out of life, expect less from their future and still use dial-up modems.

Bing users are middle-aged, highly educated tech-savvy individuals who consider themselves to be average and spend more than 10 hours a week online.

Insightful, but I have to say, how the heck can they be that specific just from the type of search engine someone uses?

Well, a group of agencies surveyed 17,000 people and found distinct profiles and purchasing habits among users of the top search providers. The study also uncovered a host of demographic and psychographic information on search-engine users.

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Are the findings accurate with the choice of search engine that you use?

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