Kate Gosselin's New Book

Kate Gosselin's new book

Photo from Amazon; $22.99

Kate Gosselin sure is juggling a lot nowadays.

The mom of 8 and reality star, who recently underwent a very public and messy divorce, is releasing her latest book, I Just Want You to Know: Letters to My Kids on Love, Faith, and Family on April 13th.


The book will feature prayers, excerpts from her personal journal and eight individual letters to each one of her children.

I'm sorry, but shouldn't letters to your children be kept personal?

Svenia: Why in the hell would I want to read personal letters to her children? I mean, how friggin personal are they if I'm reading them? Come on Kate! Give us something really interesting like Kate Gosselin: How I Kept the World From Knowing I Married a Dipshit and That My Relatives Were Gold-Diggers. Now there's a book worth reading!

RosieCheeks64: She looks great on the cover. I think that she is still striving to inspire moms to do their best and encourage moms to not give up and to also start traditions with their children. I'm sure the haters will see this as sheeple thinking, but whatever. I believe she is sincere in her drive to make as much money as she possibly can for herself and her chidren. Like it or not, her books sell and make her money. There is a market for what's she's selling and I say, "You go girl!"

What do you think about Kate's new book? Do you think it's appropriate to publish letters to your children to the public?

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