Sweethearts Candy is High Tech

sweethearts candy"Text Me," "Email Me," "Tweet Me."

Thank goodness I'm not an 11-year-old girl anymore trying to decipher what the cute boy in class meant by giving me that specific candy heart.


What happened to the days of those little Valentine's candies saying direct messages such as "Kiss Me," "I Love You," and "Be Mine"?

I guess it just shows how our world is changing and the role that technology plays in it. Even with something as classic as those chalky Sweethearts candies. I can see now it now: "Friend Request Me" and "Poke Me" for next year's candies.

Meh. I never liked the way they tasted anyways.

What messages do you think should be on the Sweethearts candies? Do you like that they've gone high-tech in their sayings?

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