Do You and Your SO Have a Song?

First dance at wedding

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The other day, while I was doing the dishes, "our" song came on the radio.

Instantly, my SO comes over and brings me into his arms and we slow dance, right there in the kitchen floor. Scrubby housework clothes and all.



It's funny how one little song (My Best Friend by Tim McGraw in our case) can instantly make two people feel so close. Two days later and my heart is still fluttering from it.

With Valentine's Day nearing, I thought I'd post some other songs that CafeMoms share with their partners:

stvmen88: For my husband and I, it's You're Still the One by Shania Twain. That just says so much of how far we've come, despite what everyone said about us 21 years ago, yet, here we still are. I even have it as the ringtone on my phone.

nookers: Elton John's Your Song. When DH and I first started dating, he knew I was a major EJ fan, especially his music from 60's. He memorized and serenaded me (IN PUBLIC) with Your Song.

mere417: Ours is an older song....Brand New by the Stylistics. No we are not older we are 30 & married five years ago. But, it was the first song we ever danced together to when we started dating 10 years ago (hubs is in a band that plays 70's funk and we danced for the first time at one of his gigs). So when we got married his band played our song so we could dance for the first time as husband and wife the same way we did as bf/gf.

I am such a hopeless romantic and completely swoon at all of these stories!

Do you and your SO have a song? If so, what is it?

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