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Mommywood Book

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Tori Spelling, reality star, author, and mommy of two, is going to be coming out with a new book, tentatively titled unchartered terriTORI and is scheduled to hit stores in June.


Lots of cafemoms have mixed reviews of her first two books, Mommywood and sTORI Telling so I'm eager to see what the buzz will be like for this one.

guardmp_MOM: I'm currently reading the sTORI Telling book; I find it fascinating to see the kind of relationship she had with a woman that is supposed to be her mother. I plan to read the other one next.

deputywife: Mommywood was all about taking stabs at her mom and other people in her life she wanted to make sure she made mean cracks at. She was immature and insecure in her book. She showed very little class and stooped to her moms level. Don't waste your time on this book.

People reports that the book will be about her public life, including her reaction to the tabloid scrutiny of her weight, her infamous relationship with mom Candy, life with husband Dean McDermott and their two children, and whether they might be adding to their brood in the near future.

Personally, I like Tori. I think she seems like a very down-to-earth person and a good mom to her kids.

Have you read any of Tori's books? Do you tihnk you'd want to read this one?

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