Do You Text and Drive?

texting while drivingI'm a text-aholic, I fully admit it. Thankfully, I live in a city where driving is not necessary, so the whole "texting while driving" thing never even really occurred to me.


But while I was visiting my parents for the holidays, I was driving my rental and received a text message.

And without thinking, I began typing away a response at the next stop sign. My friend, who was riding with me, at once started lecturing. Not only is it unsafe but it's illegal in that state (though, in my defense, I did not know the latter). Oops.

And she's right, it is unsafe, and I didn't do it again. Chavela_carlita asked in Answers whether or not moms ever texted while driving.

PaceMyself: I do, but in my defense, not while my car is actually moving. I will literally wait until I'm at a light - stopped.

Izsarejman: No, and I think it's very irresponsible to text and drive. That's like saying it's okay to drink and drive because you are only going a few blocks and not hitting any major intersections.

nana77500: Gosh, I don't even text when I'm not driving.

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