Did You Go to School With Anyone Famous?

Zac Efron

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I always find it interesting to learn what stars were like before they hit it big. Over in the Cafemom Newcomer's Club,
MummySince2006 asked the ladies if they grew up or went to school with anyone famous. Check out which cafemoms went to school with future celebrities:


missjess23: Zac Efron...he was two years behind me. But in a school of over 3,000 kids, I never met him. 

KirstenG: Dane Cook. He sat the same lunch table I did in high school (he was ahead of me). He used to tell jokes ALL the time. And he was not funny. 

Mybabiesandme: Mandy Moore went to Lake Brantley High School (Altamonte Springs Florida) with me, however I wasn't friends with her.

live4pics: I went to HS with Sam Trammell from True Blood.  He was in my homeroom for three years. And Jennifer Garner went to my HS but, she was 3 yrs behind me.

MrsGonzo517: I went to HS with Kelly Clarkson. She was so nice and funny!

Alphatau: I went to middle and high school with Taylor Swift. She's adorable :0)

Gretchen2876: Josh Radnor (Ted on How I Met Your Mother) graduated 3 years ahead of me 

As for me, I don't have any exciting stories. My little hometown did not produce anyone majorly famous while I was there (a couple of NBA players, but that's about it).

Did you grow up with or go to school with anyone that is now famous? If so, spill it! Were they nice or rude?

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