Charlie Sheen's Wife Wants to Reconcile?

Charlie Sheen, Brooke Mueller

Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty

If you haven't heard, Charlie Sheen went a little bizerk over Christmas. Him and his wife, Brooke Mueller, were spending it together in Aspen when Sheen allegedly threatened her with a knife.


Brooke called 911 and Sheen was arrested.

However, it appears Brooke is changing her story. She first told the police that he held the knife to her neck and threatened to kill her. She has since minimized her story and is now asking the judge to allow contact between her and Sheen.

Brooke's lawyer tells TMZ that Brooke wants to maintain contact, "so they can work on resolving the conflicts in their marriage." Galanter says Brooke and Charlie love each other very much, calling what happened on Christmas, "one bad night."

Personally, I think she's just as crazy as he is. If her original story is true, then she's stupid for staying with him. Held a knife to her throat?! Come on, now! And if she exaggerated to the police, then that's a pretty whacky thing to do, too.

I get it, it's hard to leave someone you love, especially with kids involved. But domestic violence is not something to be tampered with.

What do you think? Should they try to work things out? Do you think her original story was true and she's just changing it to keep her husband out of jail or do you think she initially exaggerated?

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