Consumer Queen: You Tube, Radio and Other Places to Find Her!

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The Consumer Queen has been getting all kinds of press lately and she should! Her blog is a great resource to show all of us how to save money!

Melissa is a mom from Edmund Oklahoma who has mad skills when it comes to saving cash and I wanted to give you some of the places you can find her online.


This money saving mama has her own You Tube channel, a radio show and lots of places to find her on the web, so you can start saving like the Consumer Queen!

Consumer Queen blog

Photo by: Consumer Queen

Consumer Queen has awesome advice! Here are some other moms who love to help other moms save money. MomAdvice and Like Merchant Ships are two excellent blogs to find money saving tips and deals., Amy Clark

Photo by: MomAdvice

Mom Advice is written by Amy, who is also one of Walmart's 11 Moms. Mom Advice includes 3 different blogs:

  • Motherload is a blog full of tips on how to save money.
  • Motherloot is Amy's review blog where she tests products, and puts products "through the paces so you know what's crap and what's a friggin God-send". Did I mention I think this woman is the bees knees?

Like Merchant Ships is written by Meredith and she is amazing! Like Merchant Ships is a blog about saving money--and doing it with style. In Meredith's own words:

Like the Proverbial 31 woman, I don't mind going the extra mile for my family. In fact, I consider it a job. Smart shopping--and God's grace--have enabled me to stay home with 3 kids.

I met Meredith at Blissdom09 and watched her speak. She knows what she is talking about and is so cool.

Bonus: Like Merchant Ships has a link to a list of over 1,000 money saving blogs via Frugal Hacks. The Frugal Hacks Frugal Blogroll has a wealth of information about saving money and living on less.

So what do you think, ladies? Do we have some good blogs to read so we can start saving money?

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