Kate Middleton 'Did Little' To Help William & Harry End Their Feud

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Kate Middleton
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There are a lot of things that have led up to Prince Harry and Prince William being on the outs, but was Kate Middleton one of them? It seems Kate is being blamed for William and Harry's feud ... even though they're two grown men who are totally in charge of their own lives. 

So how much of an impact could Kate have actually had?

  • Apparently, Kate didn't do enough to keep the guys from fighting.

    Kate Middleton
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    In the new book about Meghan and Harry's exit, Finding Freedom: Harry and Meghan and the Making of a Modern Royal Family, authors Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand claim that Kate didn't step in the way she could have to help ease the tension between the brothers.

    "Though it was not necessarily her responsibility, Kate did little to bridge the divide," Scobie and Durand wrote. 

    And it's not just Harry and Will's relationship that was doomed ...

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  • The situation quickly devolved between Harry and William after he and Kate met Meghan for the first time.

    Prince Harry, Prince William, Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle
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    As we've heard in many different reports over the last couple of years, William warned Harry about moving too quickly ... and Harry simply didn't realize the advice was coming out of a place of love.

    "Harry was p----d off," a source told the authors. "P----d off that his brother would ask such a thing. Some felt it was an overreaction. But then, this totally sums them up as people -- William the calm and rational one, and Harry, who can’t help but take things far too personally." 

    It's hard not to take things personally when falling in love!
  • Kate and Meghan were "not at war," though it wasn't easy for them to be close, either. 

    Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle
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    Scobie and Durand noted that Kate is an "extremely guarded person," which makes sense -- being in the royal family probably makes it hard for her to know whose intentions are actually genuine before she welcomes them into her inner circle.

    And although she supposedly appreciated the fact that Meghan loved Princess Charlotte (TBH, who doesn't?) it was still tense between the ladies.

  • As we know, things definitely don't seem to have gotten any better since then. 

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    There have been varying reports over the last few months, but the general consensus seems to be that Harry and Will didn't kiss and make up before he and Meghan headed out to start their new lives in the United States ... and who knows when the next time they'll get to see each other will be? 

    That doesn't mean this is all Kate's fault, though -- she's just one woman! And like Scobie and Durand noted, it wasn't her responsibility to keep everyone's relationships in check. 

  • Kate may not be able to fix everything, but hopefully things will be better in the future.

    Kate Middleton
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    We'd hate to live in a world where we never get to witness Harry and Will's adorable brotherly bond again ... it would be too sad to even think about.

    Eventually, traveling will be easier, and Meghan and Harry will be back in the UK for a visit -- at least, we're assuming so. Maybe once Harry and Will can sit down and hash this out in person, they can finally start to heal their relationship.

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