Queen Elizabeth Legit Got a Side Hustle To Pay for Buckingham Palace

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Queen Elizabeth
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Keeping a palace running is expensive -- even Queen Elizabeth knows that. And now, she's got a new gig to help the bills get paid. Apparently, the Queen is selling gin to pay for Buckingham Palace, and even though we never thought we'd see the day, we're kind of tempted to buy some.

After all, if it's good enough for the Queen, it's good enough for us.

  • Queen Elizabeth has debuted a London dry gin made with botanicals from the palace gardens.

    As Conde Nast Traveller reported, the gin is being sold by the Royal Collection Trust, and it's already available online. It's created with ingredients straight from the palace, and Queen Elizabeth herself supposedly contributed in the creation of this gin. 

    It helps that the bottle is gorgeous.

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  • The gin is described as the "perfect summer thirst-quencher." 

    "Lemon, verbena, hawthorn berries and mulberry leaves are among the 12 botanicals hand-picked for the gin in the Gardens at Buckingham Palace, which span 16 hectares and provide a habitat for 30 species of bird and over 250 species of wild flower," notes the Royal Collection website.

    That's pretty cool. After all, the gardens are gorgeous ... so why wouldn't they also grow the perfect ingredients for a delightful alcoholic beverage?

  • It also packs a punch because this gin has an ABV of 42%.

    Queen Elizabeth
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    The Royal Collection recommends that the gin be served as follows: "pour a measure of the gin into an ice-filled short tumbler before topping up with tonic and garnishing with a slice of lemon." 

    That actually sounds pretty good, especially for G&T fans. And the profits made from the gin will support palace upkeep and the Royal Collections Trust, so by selling this new booze, the monarch is keeping everything funded.

    We're sure the royal family is appreciative!

  • The gin is available for preorder.

    Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip
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    Bottles (which cost 40 pounds each, or around $50 USD) are set to ship out starting September 30, so it'll be a while before we get a full review of this gin. But knowing the Queen's standards, our expectations are high! 

    There's bad news, though -- the palace only ships to people older than 18 in the United Kingdom, so gin fans in the US are out of luck, at least for now. Bummer!

    Hopefully, Will and Kate will drink up for us.

  • Let's just hope the gin becomes available in the US soon. 

    We're dying to try it for ourselves because if we can't actually become royals and live at Buckingham Palace, having a cocktail made from its gardens that the Queen helped create herself is the next best thing. And have we mentioned that bottle is really, really pretty? 

    Maybe if this does well, they'll start shipping worldwide. Our fingers are crossed!