18 Times Royal Fans Thought There Was Tension Between Kate Middleton & Prince Harry

18 Times Royal Fans Thought There Was Tension Between Kate Middleton & Prince Harry
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Kate Middleton and Prince Harry Service of Hope at Westminster Abbey

There was a time that Prince Harry and his sister-in-law, Kate Middleton, seemed as if they were the best of friends. Prince William and Kate Middleton were engaged a decade ago and dated for years before that, so the Duchess of Cambridge and the Duke of Sussex have known each other a long time and have been spotted laughing together -- generally getting on well on many, many occasions. But in the past few years (some might say since Prince Harry became engaged to Meghan Markle), rumors suggesting a rift between the in-laws have cropped up again and again. (There are even pictures floating around that seem to support what royal fans have been picking up on.)

While some of the rumors might have some basis, others we're sure are nothing but gossip and conjecture. Either way, there have definitely been a number of times the two have appeared to be in a tense moment with each other. 

But isn't that just par for the course?

Families fight -- no matter how important, how influential, how rich, how cultured -- and people are people. (They will have disagreements with each other, right?) Royal or not, family members have days, weeks, months, and sometimes, years when they are at odds with each other. Prince Harry himself said as much in the documentary Harry and Meghan: An African Journey, in which he addressed rumors about he and William being on the outs. He admitted to the apparent tension but still asserted, "The majority of stuff is created out of nothing. As brothers, we have good days and we have bad days." Imagine having to work with a sibling like all the time, let alone with the whole world watching.

Definitely sounds like regular family stuff to us, but loads of people are still curious about what exactly could be causing the rumors about a supposed rift between the Duke of Sussex and the Duchess of Cambridge. Here are 17 tense moments between Harry and Kate that might be stirring suspicion.

  • Family Squabbles

    prince william, kate middleton, prince harry at a memorial service
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    Many of us know what it's like to be the significant other of feuding siblings. It's uncomfortable and awkward, and no matter how we really feel, we have to take the side of our SO. So, obviously, when William and Harry aren't getting along, Harry and Kate probably aren't either. Think about how many times brothers and sisters disagree on things. (Yeah, that many.) From simply needing some space to disagreements about money and kids, there's always something. We're sure even the royals aren't always capable of keeping their emotions off their faces.

  • It Goes the Other Way, Too

    meghan markle and kate middleton at wimbledon
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    All sorts of fights between Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton have been reported over the past few years. Whether any of them are legitimate or not, we don't know, but we can definitely imagine that if Kate is at odds with Meghan for whatever reason, that there would also be tension between Kate and Harry. Harry is always so protective of Meghan, it only makes sense that he would defend her in a disagreement.

  • Gender Reveal Issue

    Kate Middleton and Prince Harry anzac day 2019

    Although we're certain all was forgiven rather quickly, back when Kate was pregnant with her and Prince William's first child, Prince Harry allegedly spilled the beans on the baby's gender without approval from Wills and Kate. The royal couple wasn't sharing whether the baby -- who would of course be Prince George -- was a boy or girl with the general public, but thanks to Harry referring to the baby as a boy, word eventually got out.

  • Not So Happy

    trooping the colour 2017

    Prince Harry was definitely not happy about whatever was happening on the balcony during the 2017 Trooping of the Colour parade. The Duchess of Cambridge looks to be good-naturedly admonishing Prince George, so perhaps Prince Harry was feeling annoyed by George's behavior, or he -- like any good uncle -- thought everyone should let the kid be. We have to say, no one looks particularly joyful in this photo, so maybe it was just a tense moment for the entire royal family.

  • What's Happening Here?

    RAF Centenary
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    This photo from the Royal Air Force Centenary in 2018 definitely raises some eyebrows. It looks like an awkward moment was happening between Harry and Kate, William was attempting to ignore it, and Meghan was attempting to lighten the mood. These events are usually long, tiresome and we're sure, overwhelming, but this still looks like Harry and Kate weren't quite seeing eye-to-eye.

  • Time for an Intervention

    wedding of prince harry and meghan markle
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    In the new book Royals at War: The Untold Story of Harry and Meghan's Shocking Split with the House of Windsor, the authors assert that Kate Middleton attempted to stage an intervention for Harry before he married Meghan Markle, warning him that their different lifestyles could cause issues. Of course, this sort of unsolicited advice -- if it actually occurred -- probably didn't go over so well. But it does seem Kate was respectful about it, as opposed to William who was allegedly more assertive with his warnings for Harry. Still, we can't help but think that William and Kate had the best intentions, and that the whole thing's been a bit dramatized.

  • Charity Split

    prince harry prince william and kate middleton for the royal foundation
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    Eyebrows raised sky high when Prince Harry removed his charity, the Endeavor Fund, from under the umbrella of The Royal Foundation, which he previously ran with Kate Middleton and Prince William. Harry worked with William and Kate on various charities that fell under The Royal Foundation for years prior to his decision to step back from royal life, so many fans wondered if the separation of the charities would hurt William and Kate.

  • More Official Unpleasantness

    William, Harry and Kate at the Trooping of colour
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    There's something about these official -- and formal -- royal events that seem to create some discomfort between Harry and Kate. Here at the Trooping of Colour parade in 2014, it looks  like William and Harry were getting into something and it was stressing Kate out. Since she's often standing in between the princes, it wouldn't be surprising if some of the tension we see between her and her brother-in-law is simply because she's caught in the crossfire.

  • Third Wheel

    prince william, princess kate and prince harry receiving the olympic torch
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    When Prince Harry, Prince William, and Kate Middleton greeted the Olympic torch at Buckingham Palace in 2012, it was mostly fun and games. But there were a few instances during which he looked like William and Kate's third wheel, and was none too thrilled about it. He clearly wasn't in on whatever joke the royal couple was sharing. It definitely wasn't his first or his last time playing third wheel to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, though.

  • ... And, Again

    prince william, princess kate, prince harry
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    Doesn't it seem strange that Prince Harry is standing so far back from Kate and William? It's especially off since the trio was on an official royal visit to Warner Bros. studios -- and clearly addressing someone from the studio in the photo. Kate is smiling, but Harry is standing back, leaning his head down. (There even seems to be a bit of tension in his jaw.) 

    Maybe he was itching for Kate to wrap it up so they could move on?

  • Harry Looking Miffed

    duke and duchess of cambridge and prince harry at the tour de france
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    The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge attended the Tour de France with Prince Harry in 2014, and although Kate was clearly oblivious to what was going on behind her, Harry looks miffed that he can't quite see the riders cross the finish line past his brother and sister-in-law. 

    Don't be mad, Harry, it happens to the best of us.

  • Hoping for Reconciliation

    Prince William, Princess Kate, Prince Harry at red poppy installation
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    We can imagine that constantly hearing and seeing rumors of a family rift -- on top of actual family stresses -- makes any disagreements all the more uncomfortable and frustrating. It's been reported that Kate is anxious to see Prince Harry and Prince William reconcile their differences. While we still aren't totally sure what those differences are, we also hope the royal brothers will find a new normal in their relationship post-Megxit.

  • Kate Lost a Friend

    Kate Middleton and Prince Harry
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    As we mentioned earlier, Kate Middleton and Prince Harry seem to have gotten along well for quite a while. Kate, Harry, and William were much like the Three Musketeers before Harry wed Meghan Markle, and eventually resigned from his royal duties. Kate has allegedly said that she feels like she's "lost a brother." That would certainly explain any seemingly awkward moments between them.

  • Kate & Meghan Need to Get Along

    the royal family on Christmas
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    If there is indeed a feud between Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle, Harry is ready to see it squashed. Harry and William have reportedly been attempting to mend their relationship over the past couple of months, despite living on different continents, which has made Harry realize how important it is that Meghan and Kate also get along well. 

  • The Snubs Will Have to Stop

    commonwealth day 2020
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    Reports that Prince Harry and Kate Middleton snubbed the Duke and Duchess of Sussex at Commonwealth Day early in 2020 -- which was the couple's last official royal obligation as senior royals -- ran rampant after the event. Reportedly, William and Kate offered nothing more than cordial waves and largely avoided Harry and Meghan throughout the event. Such incidents will certainly have to stop if tensions are to ease.

  • Ready to Bolt

    william, kate and harry at coach core graduation
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    By the same token, it might do some good if Harry stopped throwing so much shade when he attends events with his brother and sister-in-law. He looks like he'd rather be anywhere else in this photo from 2017. We get that he was probably already wanting out of his royal duties at this point, but that kind of negative energy is sure to cause some stress within relationships.

  • If Looks Could Kill

    prince harry coach core graduation
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    See what we mean? Harry's glare is intense enough to speak a thousand words. His ire may not be entirely directed at William and Kate, but his unhappiness certainly had to have an effect on them -- especially when they were required to put on their royal hats and work together so frequently. If the feuds are legit, the tensions that led to them were probably building for a long time.

  • A Royal Disappointment

    kate middleton

    The royals are notoriously good at hiding their plans and details about their personal lives from the public, so perhaps what we've all been seeing as tension between Harry and Kate is actually just sadness and disappointment. It wouldn't surprise us if William and Kate knew that Harry and Meghan were going to step down long before the rest of us did, so it would make complete sense if the tension and awkwardness were palpable at many of their public appearances without many of us understanding why. 

    It's quite possible they all just need some time to process the changes in their lives.

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