Kate Middleton's Brother Gives Royal Fans Another Glimpse of Her Childhood Home

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Kate Middleton
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Want to see where Kate Middleton grew up? Now is our chance, thanks to Kate's brother, James Middleton. In a new post on Instagram, James gave fans a glimpse of their childhood home, where he, Kate, and sister Pippa Middleton grew up, and it seriously looks like a gorgeous place.

George, Charlotte, and Louis must love visiting their grandparents there! 

  • In a video of the puppies his dog gave birth to recently, we can see the yard at Kate's family home. 

    OK, so we're a little distracted by the adorable pups (thanks for that, James), but it's also easy to see how beautiful the background is. Tiny Kate must have had a great time running around here when she was a kid! 

    And that gorgeous gazebo in the back? Talk about a beautiful place to grow up! 

    Yep, we're jealous.

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  • He also recently shared the beehives in his family's yard as well. 

    Looks like they've got plenty of space for just about anything they want to do -- including beekeeping, which James shared he's quite passionate about.

    "I now have almost half a million bees in eight hives in a meadow at our family home, Bucklebury Manor in Berkshire. And I've whiled away many happy hours with them during lockdown," he wrote. "I'm in awe of these incredible insects. They perform a little waggle dance, an insect version of sat-nav, to signal to each other where the best flowers are."

  • He showed off their patio a few weeks ago, too.

    This video is pretty funny to watch, because James shaves his beard and shows his fiancée, Alizee Thevenet, his bare face for the  first time in the history of their relationship, and her reaction is too cute. 

    But that's not the only reason to watch it. As Hello! magazine pointed out, he shows the back of the house and the patio, which looks like a relaxing area to hang out. So nice! 

  • It seems like James, Pippa, and Kate were lucky to grow up at Bucklebury Manor. 

    Of course, it's a bit different than what Prince William was used to -- it's not a palace, after all -- but it still looks like an impressive (and beautiful) place to live.

    We have to imagine that Kate has made a lot of happy memories there, especially when it comes to playing in that big, open yard. That's any kid's dream ... and James' pups must adore it, too. 

  • Next, we're going to need a full tour.  

    Bucklebury Manor
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    Everything we've seen of the outside of the home is absolutely gorgeous, so we'd love to see the inside, too. Kate may not have grown up royal, but this sprawling estate is still totally idyllic.

    A beautiful home, puppies, buzzing bees creating honey -- what's not to love about the Middletons' property? If we were Kate, we'd find a reason to take a trip home every chance we get.

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