'Counting On' Critics Think It's Only a Matter of Time Until Josh Duggar Is Back on the Show

Anna Duggar, Josh Duggar

It's been years since Josh Duggar appeared on Counting On, but could he be making a comeback? Some fans believe Josh may be back on the show eventually -- especially since wife Anna Duggar (and their children) is still a part of it. 

Stranger things have definitely happened on reality TV ... 

  • Josh has been involved in a number of scandals, and TLC cut ties with him long ago. 

    Between his molestation scandal that involved some of his siblings, the whole Ashley Madison cheating thing, and the accusations that he had sexually assaulted an adult film star in the past, Josh has been a part of a lot of controversies. 

    It's no surprise that he hasn't been allowed to film with the rest of his family, but could all of that be changing soon? 

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  • Critics seem to think Josh could be invited back on the show. 

    As critics on a Duggar-related subreddit speculated (via The Cheat Sheet), it's possible that TLC could end up using Josh as a way to boost Counting On's ratings, even though he's been guilty of a lot of upsetting things that definitely don't seem to mesh with what the network stands for.

    "Honestly, TLC may want Mr. Anna back. He's complex and gross, had a very public implosion, is a general a--hole, and just f---ing weird. People love watching s--- like that," a critic wrote. 

  • It would certainly line up with what Josh's brother-in-law, Derick Dillard, has said about the network in the past, though. 

    He's insinuated that TLC (and his father-in-law, Jim Bob Duggar) is all about the money, nothing else. If this is true, it's totally possible the network could end up bringing Josh back if it thought he would bring in more viewers. 

    We have a feeling people would be upset about it, though ... and that could end up alienating fans in the long run. 

  • Though Anna's still featured on the show, she doesn't play a big role in it. 

    These days, the show seems far more focused on the younger couples now that more of the Duggar kids are married and having babies. We've been seeing a lot less of Anna and her kids. 

    Still, they've remained a part of filming ever since Josh was nixed from the series ... so if TLC wanted to bring him back, it would have an organic way of doing it. 

  • It's hard to predict what TLC's next move would be. 

    Hopefully, it won't be to feature Josh again, because he's done some unforgivable things in the past. But like we said before, stranger things have definitely happened, and who knows what the future holds? 

    Honestly, we just want Anna and her kids to be happy after all the ups and downs their family has gone through, and in the end, they're what matters.