15 Celebs Who Accused Other Stars of Cheating

Ashanti Martin | Jul 15, 2020 Celebrities
15 Celebs Who Accused Other Stars of Cheating
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Will Smith, Jada Pinkett Smith, and August Alsina
Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic/Getty Images; Splash News

What a weird week for Will and Jada Pinkett Smith. These two have had rumors of an unorthodox marriage swirling for years. Whether there was cheating involved, or they had an open marriage, it was always a little different from the messiness of most celebrity cheating scandals. Will and Jada always managed to keep it classy. They present such a wholesome image and seem so supportive of each other, that it was shocking to learn recently that they had considered splitting up forever! But that's what happened during a special edition of Jada's Red Table Talk series. It all started when rapper August Alsina came into the picture -- and talked about his affair with Jada.

Jada's got more than 20 years on August. "Aug" was friends with her and Will's son, Jaden Smith, when he was having serious health and wellness issues. The Smiths took him in to give him the support he needed. At the same time, Jada and Will were going through marriage struggles all couples go through. This led Jada to look for happiness elsewhere, and she found it in an "entanglement" with Aug.

The Red Table Talk episode is not to be missed. It's actually a really mature discussion between two people who have gone through thick and thin. Jada is deep and reflective, and Will clearly shows his vulnerability. (We can tell that even though they don't like each other, they will always love each other.) 

August was definitely not the first star to out a celebrity cheating scandal. Here are 15 times celebrities got called out by other celebrities for their lack of loyalty.

  • Jordyn Woods Kisses & Tells

    Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson
    Splash News

    Jordyn Woods never admitted to a full-fledged sexual relationship with Tristan Thompson while he was seeing Khloé Kardashian, but she did go on Jada Pinkett Smith's Red Table Talk and told the world she and Tristan traded kisses. Jordyn, who was formerly Kylie Jenner's BFF, claims she was black-out drunk and didn't even remember the encounter ... but the incident caught the ire of some of the Kardashians' closest friends, and the Red Table Talk caused even more drama. Jordyn's relationship with the reality family suffered, while Khloé and Tristan claim to be in a "good space" as they co-parent their daughter, True Thompson.

  • Miranda Lambert Still Taking Up Space in Blake Shelton's Head

    Miranda Lambert and Evan Felker
    Michael Loccisano/ACMA2018/Getty Images for ACM; Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Stagecoach

    Maybe Blake Shelton couldn't help himself when rumors started to circulate about his ex-wife, Miranda Lambert, dating country singer Evan Felker while he was still married. His tweet about "karma" made fans speculate as to whether 1) he was talking about Miranda, and 2) whether her history of infidelity was behind their divorce. (Blake accused Miranda of seeing Anderson East while they were still married.)

    Apparently, Miranda kindled a relationship with Evan while the two were on tour together. Not even a month had passed before Evan's wife, Staci Felker, served him with divorce papers.

  • Nicollette Sheridan & Michael Bolton Rumors Resurfaced

    Splash News

    When Desperate Housewives star Nicollette Sheridan denied rumors in 2019 that she had cheated on ex-husband Harry Hamlin while they were married, Harry went off on Twitter. "What's it called when your wife of one year suddenly goes to bed with a pop singer? ... two weeks after your mother dies??"

    The feud began on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, when Harry's current wife, Lisa Rinna, "thanked" Nicollette for cheating on him 30 years ago -- allegedly with '80s and '90s pop star Michael Bolton while Harry was in Canada. "Fake news!" was Nicollette's response -- which is when Harry piped in with his own hot tea.

  • CBS Producer Forces David Letterman to Reveal Infidelities

    Walter McBride/Getty Images

    Late night TV fans were shocked when David Letterman admitted in 2009 that he had cheated on his wife, Regina Lasko, with several women who worked for him. (Eww.) Turns out a CBS news producer -- who had done award-winning work, and was even nominated for an Oscar -- threatened to announce Letterman's indiscretions unless the late-night veteran paid him $2 million. Joe Halderman pleaded guilty to attempted grand larceny. He only spent four months in prison, which doesn't sound terrible, but he did them in Riker's Island. (Yikes.)

    David and Regina are still married. 

  • Extortion or Publicity? Kevin Hart Cheated on His Pregnant Wife

    Kevin Hart and Eniko Hart
    Splash News

    This is a messy one. Singer-actress Montia Sabbag announced that she had been "briefly" involved in a relationship with Kevin Hart. That's the tasteful version of the story. In reality, Montia claims that Kevin and a friend of his secretly recorded the pair having sex in an effort to boost Kevin's career. Meanwhile, Kevin claimed to be the one who was being extorted, suggesting Montia was somehow involved. 

    Montia filed a $60 million lawsuit against Kevin and his friend, Jonathan "JT" Jackson, but it was dismissed in May. Sadly, Kevin's wife, Eniko Parrish, received news of the affair through an explicit video sent via Instagram DM ... while she was in the third trimester of her pregnancy.

  • Cheating on America's Sweetheart

    Sandra Bullock and Jesse James
    Vince Bucci/Getty Images

    In 2010, tattoo model and exotic dancer Michelle "Bombshell" McGhee publicly revealed that she had been having an affair with Jesse James -- then-husband of America's sweetheart, Sandra Bullock. Michelle claimed that Jesse lied to her about his marriage. (Um, we guess, but how could she not have known?) Not long after the revelation, Michelle crassly posed with a tabloid spread of Sandra and Jesse's breakup story. Maybe she felt ashamed of her bad behavior, because she later publicly apologized to Sandra.

  • Halsey Blows Up G-Eazy Big Time on 'SNL'

    G-Eazy and Halsey
    Splash News

    Halsey is no one to mess with. No one had to out the fact that rapper G-Eazy had cheated on her, because she did it in her own spectacular fashion. On Saturday Night Live in 2019, Halsey performed an acoustic piano version of her hit "Without Me." In the middle of the performance, the song took a dramatic pause ... then the set revealed a backdrop of all the places that G-Eazy supposedly cheated. 

  • Play Stupid Games, Win Stupid Prizes

    Iggy Azalea and Nick Young
    Emmerson/Splash News

    NBA player Nick Young wasn't exactly accused of cheating on his former fiancée, Iggy Azalea, but another basketballer did have a role in the outing. As a prank, then-Laker, D'Angelo Russell, recorded teammate Nick admitting that he had cheated on the "Fancy" rapper with a 19-year-old at a nightclub. The video somehow leaked (D'Angelo claimed he had no idea how), and Iggy responded on Twitter. A short while later, she aired more dirty laundry, saying that Nick had been bringing women home on the regular, and that she even saw them on security cameras.

  • Ashton Kutcher Cheated on Demi Moore With Scott Eastwood's Girlfriend

    Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore
    Jim Spellman/Getty Images

    Years had gone by since the scandalous breakup between Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore when, in 2015, actor Scott Eastwood blurted out previously unknown info about what may have prompted the star couple to split.

    He was on Watch What Happens Live when Andy Cohen asked guest Jon Cryer about starring with Ashton on Two and a Half Men when both men had dated Demi. That's when Scott chimed in that Ashton had cheated on Demi -- with Scott's girlfriend at the time! Scott was unbothered to say the least, saying "It's OK. I'll shake his hand." Thanks for being cool about it, Scott.

  • Khloé & Kim Shade Kourtney's Cheating Man on Instagram


    Younes Bendjima got called out. After he was caught having fun in the sun with model Jordan Ozuna (this was right around the time that he and Kourtney Kardashian reportedly split), Kim and Khloé teamed up on the model, who is more than a decade younger than Kourtney. 

    "Alexa, play 'Heard It All Before' -- the Sunshine Anderson song that is an anthem for women fed up with serial cheaters," Khloé commented on Instagram. "Nice pics from your 'boys trip,'" Kim added. 

    Is it cheating if the PDA is so soon after the end of a relationship? We know how breakups go. It's never simple and clean cut. We can see how his PDA was questionable at best, a total smack in the face at worst.

  • Rob Kardashian Goes Way Too Low

    Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna
    Photographer Group/Splash News

    Celebrity breakup stories can be kind of fun, but this one was just downright ugly. Rob Kardashian accused Blac Chyna of cheating on him with several men and bringing drugs into her home while their infant daughter was present. That's a lot of laundry to air, but even worse is that he posted several nude photos of Chyna. This type of revenge porn is beyond the pale. For that, he has absolutely earned the title of Rob Kartrashian.

  • Choreographer Scandal

    Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears
    Fred Prouser/REUTERS

    So many years of rumors. So many songs fueling those rumors. Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake were the "it" couple in the early 2000s, and when they broke up, tabloids ran rampant with speculation there was cheating involved.

    One of the names that kept coming up was Wade Robson, famous for his choreography and his allegations of sexual abuse against Michael Jackson. Everyone denied involvement -- but then Michael Jackson's niece, Brandi Jackson, revived the rumors on a podcast in 2019, saying Wade was indeed a major factor in the epic breakup.

    At least we got some amazing songs out of it!

  • Beyoncé Calls Out 'Becky'

    Jay Z and Beyonce
    Splash News

    Who else can put out two full-length albums -- Beyoncé's Lemonade and Jay-Z's 4:44 -- about their marital infidelity and not a peep comes out about who's involved? Jay and Bey. Jay-Z confirmed that he did indeed cheat on Bey. Of course, the indiscretions led to some of their best music -- but one name that did come out was Becky. On her track "Sorry," Beyoncé tells Jay "You better call Becky with the good hair." (Who are ya, Becky?) After Rachel Roy suffered serious hate and harassment from the Beyhive on Twitter, it came out that "Becky" isn't really one person; she is a symbol of all the wrongs that Jay committed against Bey.

  • With One Click, Tay-Tay Says Justin Bieber Cheated on BFF Selena Gomez

    Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez
    SPW/Splash News

    It's not like a "like" on a social media post actually means anything. (Nobody pays attention to who exactly likes their posts.) We definitely don't spend any time wondering what it means when someone close to us likes a pic or post. That would be silly. (Nope ... not us.)

    OK, back to reality. 

    Taylor Swift was all over Tumblr after Justin Bieber posted a long screed on IG about Taylor's feud with his manager. One Tumblr post said that Bieber cheated on Taylor's best friend, Selena Gomez. Taylor "liked" the post -- an obvious endorsement of support for a comment. (Was it a validation of its contents? What else could it be?)

    It wasn't the first time cheating rumors had swirled around the pop star pair. 

  • Cheating, Cheating Everywhere: How Kim & Kanye Came To Be

    Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries
    Splash News

    This marriage lasted only three months, but of course Kimye -- before they were officially Kimye -- still managed to squeeze in some controversy even from their early, illicit beginnings as a couple. Kanye West had been in love with Kim Kardashian for years, including when she married NBA player Kris Humphries in 2011. It was a huge media affair with a two-part TV special that featured the lavish wedding. Kim knew during the honeymoon(!) that the marriage wouldn't last.

    Rumors began to circulate that Kim was cheating on Kris with Kanye, and then Amber Rose came and blew the whole thing out of the water, basically accusing everyone of cheating on everybody -- Kim on Kris, Kanye on Amber, Kim on Reggie Bush.

    It was cray.

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