Jinger Duggar Posts Love Note to Husband, But Fans Don't Buy It

Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo

The Duggar family children -- many whom are now adults -- have grown up in the public eye. We watched them as young girls and saw their relationships develop on TV. There have been some perks for the family thanks to their time on TV but, there have also been downsides. Being in the public eye means people aren't shy about sharing their feelings -- about anything. That means Jinger Duggar can't seem to talk nicely about her marriage with Jeremy Vuolo without people having their say.

  • Jinger has been married to Jeremy since November 2016, and the pair have one child, Felicity Nicole, with another on the way. 

    Watching the pair on TV when they first started courting (the term the Duggar family uses in place of dating), it was clear for so many that these two were in love. They took their relationship seriously, got married, and moved away from the other members of the family and started their life together in Los Angeles.

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  • Jinger has never been one of the stricter Duggar kids and isn't shy about doing things her way. 

    Some of the family members are shyer about professing their love for their partner, but Jinger has always been pretty affectionate. She shares her thoughts and feelings about her husband regularly on social media, giving him props for how he fathers Felicity, and based on those shares, the two seem very much in love.

  • Jinger posted a cute photo on Instagram, along with a love note to her husband, but not everyone saw it the same way.

    Jinger shared a photo Friday to her Instagram profile, which comes with 1.3 million fans. The picture is a more candid-looking shot of herself with Jeremy; she's awkwardly hugging him while he gives a thumbs up. Jinger is adorably smiling while Jeremy looks a little caught off guard.

    "We have the best laughs together, enjoy the deepest conversations, and make the most memories anywhere we go," she wrote in the caption. "I guess that’s just one of the perks of marrying your best friend ❤️ I love you to the moon and back, Jeremy Joseph."

  • The photo share resonated with her fans, who were quick to interact with her and the photo. 

    With so many fans on Instagram, she will never please every single person with what she shares. Many comments pointed out how adorable these two are, appreciated the playful way she was hugging Jeremy, and said it was clear how much they loved each other.

    "Y’all are so cute!😂😘," wrote Jinger's sister, Joy-Anna Forsyth, who is also pregnant now.

    There were several other happy comments, but it was clear that not everyone believed what Jinger was saying.

  • Some fans thought the photo Jinger shared didn't match the words she wrote. 

    "So tired of ya'll trying too hard. You're relationship/life can't be this perfect," one person wrote. "You're so unrelatable. You need to be real. Also you need to stop scrunching your nose every time you laugh, you think it's cute but it's not flattering at all!! Annoying!"

    "They are trying too hard! Trying so hard to impress everyone with their staged perfect stock photos," the same person added "People want to see the mess, the imperfections, the hard moments! That's REAL life!! Real people!! Relatable people!!"

    "Jeremy doesn't seem into the pic," noticed a second.

    "Am I the only one that see's how Jeremy looks extremely uncomfortable," a third person commented.

    A few other people added comments like "He looks uncomfortably smothered," and "Yeah... He looks thrilled."

    Clearly, being in the public eye means not everyone is going to understand you, but we love that Jinger is always herself.