John & Abbie Duggar Prove They're Going Against Duggar Rules With New Photo of Grace

Abbie Duggar, Grace Duggar, John David Duggar

Though Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have pretty strict rules about raising their kids, it doesn't seem like some of their adult children are planning to raise their kids the same way ... including John David Duggar and his wife, Abbie. A recent Instagram post has fans speculating that John and Abbie are breaking family rules with their daughter -- all because of one detail they noticed while looking at baby Grace.

  • Grace is wearing earrings in a photo from July Fourth.

    It was her first time celebrating the holiday, so of course she wore an adorable red, white, and blue outfit for the occasion, and eagle-eyed fans couldn't help but notice that this baby girl has her ears pierced. 

    This isn't something John and Abbie have addressed directly, which doesn't necessarily mean anything -- they do tend to be more private than other Duggar couples. But it's definitely interesting.

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  • Her shiny studs are even more noticeable in her 6-month update photo. 

    This time, her new jewelry is much more obvious, even if we're mostly captivated by Grace's adorable style and her pretty pink outfit. Too cute! 

    Abbie didn't mention the earrings in her caption, writing, "Our little lady is 6 months old today!!! Time flies when you're having fun!"

    But of course, fans had to comment ...

  • Someone asked Abbie when Grace got her ears pierced, and Abbie responded. 

    Makes sense that this is a new development, because we haven't noticed earrings in Grace's ears before. They look pretty cute on her, but we're a little surprised to see that John and Abbie made the decision to pierce them when Grace is still so young.

    When it comes to Duggar rules, John and Abbie are definitely going against the grain on this one!

  • Fans have pointed out that most Duggar girls don't get their ears pierced as children. 

    In fact, those discussing Grace's new earrings on Reddit even mentioned that the Duggar kids didn't get their ears pierced until they were older, and along with Anna's daughters, Grace is one of the few granddaughters who wears earrings. 

    Definitely interesting ... and could be a sign that John and Abbie plan to do things their own way when it comes to parenting their kids.

  • Good for Grace's parents for making their own decisions. 

    Although we're sure there are certain traditions from his upbringing that John can't wait to share with his own kids, he and Abbie are in charge now. If they want to raise Grace a little differently than Michelle and Jim Bob raised their kids, so be it!

    Now, we're going to need more pics of Grace ASAP. She's too cute!