18 Rules the Royal Family Is Reportedly Allowed To Break

18 Rules the Royal Family Is Reportedly Allowed To Break
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Aside from all of the pomp and circumstance, the fame, the fortune and, of course, the glamour, there are a lot of other benefits to being a member of the British royal family. Some of those perks even allow the royals the privilege of getting a pass when it comes to certain rules and laws that everyone else is required to follow. It's not so much that authorities look the other way, it's more that certain restrictions simply don't apply to members of the royal family. Symbolically, at least,  they are the highest authority, so we suppose it makes sense. 

Barring any terrible crimes, who would actually rat out the royal family? 

Just imagine ..."yes, officer. The music coming from Buckingham Palace is a bit loud tonight." (We don't think so.) While we're sure that most members of the royal family simply just would not break the law anyway, most of the exemptions are for smaller things that wouldn't logically apply to the royals -- and some of the rules today's royal family members break without repercussion are actually rules that only apply to them.

The royals are often also permitted to forgo certain rules that may not be mandated by law, but are rather social rules and norms that the general public abides by. Seriously though, being a prince or princess wouldn't be nearly as much fun if we had to play by the same rules as everyone else, would it? Proper etiquette, we would assume, ensures that most of the royals don't take advantage of their status, but still it might be fun -- and oftentimes convenient -- to be able to skip out on some of the rules and regulations that the royal family doesn't have to worry about. 

Keep reading to find out what they are.

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