Kate Middleton & Kourtney Kardashian Stun in the Same Dress in Side-by-Side Pic

Kourtney Kardashian

Although Kourtney Kardashian and Kate Middleton are both style icons in their own right, who ever imagined they'd actually be caught wearing the same outfit? Recently, fans pointed out that Kate and Kourtney were twinning in the same dress, and even though their fashion choices are usually so different, this one was right on the money for them both.

  • As a Kate Middleton fan Instagram account pointed out, she and Kourt both wore the same Casasola dress.

    And by swiping over, we can see Melanie Griffith in the same dress too but in black instead -- seems like it was a pretty popular one! 

    Although Kate wore her dress on an evening out, Kourtney opted to wear hers for a photo shoot, and even though they both have totally different wardrobes, somehow, this one works for them both (and for Melanie, BTW).

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  • This dress has been a bit hig with a lot of celebs.

    The same fan account also shared this pic of Alicia Vikander wearing a similar look by the same designer, this time in a matching top and skirt set.

    Even though Kate stays away from crop tops (we couldn't imagine what Queen Elizabeth might have to say about showing a midriff!), this version of the dress would definitely look good on her too -- especially the color. 

  • Most of what we've seen on Kourtney isn't exactly Kate's style. 

    She takes a lot more fashion risks than Kate, who tends to dress a lot more conservatively. She is the Duchess of Cambridge, after all. Kourtney has a lot more freedom to wear what she wants, when she wants, and even though she tends to keep it a little more low key than sister Kim Kardashian does, it's still more out there than anything Kate would wear.

    Except for this one dress, which seems to work for everyone. Is it magic?

  • Both of these ladies have some pretty great style.

    Just because Kate tends to dress more conservatively doesn't mean that she's not just as well dressed as Kourtney -- we can't get enough of all of her gorgeous dresses. She's always so well put together every time she's out and about. 

    Maybe one day, she and Kourtney can share more style secrets. This might not be the only dress they both have in common! 

  • We're keeping an eye out for more Kardashian/Kate style coincidences. 

    if it happened once, it can happen again ... so who's next? Kim? Kylie

    Kourtney and Kate might not have much in common (and as far as we know, they're total strangers), but they both know how to pull off a totally flawless look every single time they leave the house. Pass on some of those tips to us, please! 

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