Prince Harry Was Reportedly 'Embarrassed' by Meghan's Pregnancy Announcement

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An awkward pregnancy announcement just got a little more awkward. Back when Meghan Markle was pregnant with the adorable Archie, it was revealed that Harry and Meghan made the announcement that they were expecting at Princess Eugenie's wedding, which, generally-speaking, is a no-no because it takes away from the bride and groom's big day. After the fact, there were mumblings that some, understandably, were irked by the timing of the Sussexes' reveal, but now a new report claims that among those people was Harry himself.

Let's discuss.

  • In October of 2018, the world found out Harry and Meghan were expecting.

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    And evidently, the royal family did too -- at Eugenie's wedding to Jack Brooksbank. As the story goes, Eugenie wasn't happy that the Sussexes chose her wedding reception to share the happy news. 

    Radar Online previously reported that the announcement brought Eugenie to tears and "tipped her over the edge." 

    "She disappeared for a while after Harry and Meghan told the royal family the news," an insider said. "She felt furious at having been upstaged again by Harry and Meghan."

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  • Apparently, Eugenie was extra annoyed by the announcement because she was already put out by Harry and Meghan once before. 

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    Lest anyone forget, it was reported that Princess Eugenie had to postpone her wedding to accommodate Harry and Meghan's wedding, which took place at the same location -- Windsor Castle -- just five months prior with a lot more fanfare.

    "One, [Harry and Meghan's] wedding at the chapel was watched by millions on TV and in person, compared to the hatred that was slung at a Eugenie for spending so much on her day," the source told Radar Online. "Secondly, she then was beaten at her reception by Meghan when she announced she was expecting ... Any bride would have had their nose put out of joint by something like that."

  • All of this said, the pregnancy reveal may not have been Harry's doing. 

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    According to Andy Tillett and Dylan, authors of the new book Royals at War, Meghan took the initiative to make the announcement, leaving Harry red in the face. 

    "Meghan put her foot in it when she decided that it would be the ideal moment to announce that she and Harry were expecting their first child," the authors claim. "This was a huge social gaffe, even if you were not a royal -- stealing the limelight from Eugenie, who was furious, as was her mother, Sarah."

  • Previously, reports that Harry and Meghan made their pregnancy announcement at Eugenie's wedding were refuted. 

    After initial reports that Harry and Meghan revealed their pregnancy at Eugenie's wedding -- and the backlash that followed -- royal sources came out to say that that wasn't the case. It's hard to say, though. Eugenie's wedding was October 12 and Harry and Meghan publicly announced the pregnancy October 15, before embarking their royal tour of Australia and New Zealand.

  • With so many things coming out about Harry and Meghan every day, it's hard to say what's fact and what's fiction.

    To be honest, it's a little hard to believe Meghan would announce she's expecting at someone else's wedding -- regardless of how excited she and Prince Harry were to have a little one on the way.

    Of course, we'll never know what really goes on behind closed doors in the royal family, but we're going to go ahead and give the duchess the benefit of the doubt on this one.

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