Kate Middleton Has More in Common With the Queen Than Princess Diana, Royal Expert Explains

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Queen Elizabeth and Kate Middleton
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There are a lot of things about a person that attracts us to them. For some, it's the personality of their partner that draws them in. For others, it's having similar interest or fitting in well with their family and friend groups. For Prince William, it has often been said that Kate Middleton, his wife of nine years, is a lot like his late mother, Princess Diana. But that idea is now being challenged, with royal experts saying that perhaps she's less like Diana and more like another important royal -- Queen Elizabeth.

  • Two royal experts weighed in on the life and relationship of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

    Speaking with Yahoo! UK, royal author Victoria Murphy says Kate has done a lot of growing up since marrying into the royal family. From the moment she started dating William, Kate has consistently been compared to his late mother, Princess Diana.

    It's a natural thing for people to do -- after all, there is a common saying that men like to marry people who resemble their mothers, but according to the royal experts, the "rush" to make early comparisons may not be accurate.

    "I've always thought that Kate has more in common personality-wise with the Queen," Victoria said.

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  • Although Kate has been compared to Diana in her stylings and her demeanor, she has more connection to the Queen.

    Queen Elizabeth and Kate Middleton
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    Victoria went on to explain that there are several things that tie Kate to similarities with the Queen. For instance, Kate is "not an extrovert, but quietly self-assured with a love of the outdoors and the ability to compartmentalize."

    "I think she still remains more of a team player than a leader though and perhaps more of a listener than a talker, but I think these qualities are well-suited to her current and future roles," the royal expert added.

  • The experts say that Kate's confidence has grown a lot since stepping into her role and joining the family.

    Kate first stepped into the spotlight when she started dating the prince, and since then she's gained lots of confidence, experts believe.

    "There is no doubt that Kate has hugely grown in confidence since joining the royal family," Victoria said. "At the beginning she was very keen to learn the ropes and look to others for guidance over what she should be doing, and you could sense that. But gradually she's started to take the lead more and now it feels much more like she is a driving force when it comes to the types of causes she and William are taking on and the way they approach their work."

  • Angela Levin, a second royal author who also spoke with Yahoo! UK, agreed that Kate's confidence has increased.

    "I think she has gained in confidence as time has gone on. She is a perfectionist who wants to get things right and has been nervous that she might not," Angela said. "Now she knows the ropes she is more relaxed. I also think that being a mother has made a huge difference to how she faces life as a royal."

  • The royal experts also touched on the work Kate does, saying that she's "hit her stride" there as well. 

    “She has chosen a core set of issues to focus on, and chooses more the cause than specific organizations (much like William and Harry have done), which means that, unlike the Queen, Kate will only ever have a few dozen patronages, and some will be linked or quite similar," Victoria said.

    The couple have been juggling work and homeschooling their three kids -- and doing it all so well while conditions are less than ideal. She, along with William, had continued to do their important work through virtual meetings, and just recently, Kate was able to return to public appearances that had been stopped when the worldwide health crisis began.