17 Times Kate Middleton's Surprise Appearances Turned Heads

17 Times Kate Middleton's Surprise Appearances Turned Heads
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Kate Middleton

Oh, to be a duchess, and to be drop-dead gorgeous. Kate Middleton turns heads everywhere she goes -- not just because of her royal status, but also because she is a natural beauty, too. With her luscious locks and deep, green eyes, she definitely has the look. Plus, the Duchess of Cambridge is outstandingly poised and just exudes confidence, compassion, and even approachability, which makes her all the more appealing to her fans and even the general public. She's certainly appears to be a duchess deserving of the title, so we can imagine that any time Kate makes an unexpected appearance, there are quite a few jaws on the floor.

While Kate definitely sticks with more traditional and classic looks that will keep the royal family happy and never, ever incite scandal, she does occasionally try new things. She's been known to sport clothing from new designers, as well as brands that make ready-to-wear clothes for the average woman. She sometimes surprises the public with a new makeup look or subtle changes to her hair, but mostly, it all comes down to Kate's styling and her regal demeanor.

The Duchess of Cambridge has a way of making everything she wears look just so, and whether she's in jeans and sneakers -- or a sequined gown -- she's always a stunner. The shock value of a surprise appearance -- especially in an unexpected venue, or at an unexpected moment -- matched with the fact that she sometimes debuts new looks at said appearances, has definitely created some head-turning moments. 

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