Duggar Critics Suspect Anna Is Pregnant Again After Latest Post

Anna Duggar with kids

It seems like Anna Duggar just had her sixth child with the oldest (and disgraced) Duggar sibling, Josh Duggar, but there are already pregnancy rumors swirling again. It appears Josh and Anna are following in Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar's footsteps with the desire to have a giant family. Fans and critics of the Duggars have found a few hints in Anna's latest Instagram posts that suggest big things are coming for the family.

  • Anna Duggar might be pregnant with her seventh child with Josh Duggar. 

    Anna is a hard-working mom who doesn't let pregnancy or childbirth stop her. Days after she gave birth to her sixth child, Maryella, in November, she was back on her feet and attending holiday parties. The 32-year-old mom loves sharing photos of all of her adorable kids. 

    Now, fans are wondering if she and Josh are expecting again.

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  • Apparently, she is "dreaming about the exciting things ... in the near future!"

    Josh's wife shared an Instagram post for her 32nd birthday that reflected on some big moments in the past year. Plus, she looked ahead to an "exciting" future. 

    Her caption read: 

    "Josh & I wrapped up the evening with a dinner date, reminiscing [about] our engagement 12 years ago today (can you believe it’s been that long?!?!?!) and dreaming about the exciting things in store for our family in the near future! As I reflect on the kindness and grace of God throughout my life, I am reminded of God’s greatest gift -- eternal life by the death & resurrection of Jesus."

  • Many think that message hints at more babies. 

    Josh was the first of the Duggar brood to have kids. It seems as if he and Anna aren't slowing down any time soon. One Reddit thread theorized that Anna is already pregnant again, only six months after giving birth to Maryella. 

    "Well Michelle had 9 and was pregnant with 10/11 by 32 so I don't think it would be that weird for her 'daughter-in-love' to have 7 by 32," one person wrote.

  • Josh's oldest daughter is about the same age as his youngest sister.

    The Duggar family have a lot of kids and grandkids in the mix. One bizarre fact is that Josh's youngest sister is younger than his oldest daughter. Mackynzie and Josie are both 10, but Josie was born a few months after Mackynzie. Now, there are even more kids on the way, and another in Josh's family is a possibility.

  • Their family could be growing even bigger. 

    Another Reddit commenter suggested, "Anna has consistently only had a kid every other year, and she slows down more with each one, so I doubt it (though it's possible!) I think she's referring to exciting things in their extended family -- more pregnancies and probably courtships coming up soon, etc."

    A few other Duggar critics hope that the post meant she would finally leave Josh Duggar, a proven sexual predator. However, that is highly unlikely as divorce is definitely frowned upon by this conservative family. "Unless she's getting divorced from pest, I can't [think] of anything else it could be," a commenter wrote.