Kate Middleton & Queen Elizabeth Reportedly Had a Secret Pact To Control Meghan Markle

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Kate Middleton and Queen Elizabeth
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Early on in Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's relationship, when Meghan had just joined the royal family, Kate Middleton and Queen Elizabeth reportedly had a secret alliance. It seems the Queen was worried about being able to control Meghan and wanted Kate's help. Apparently, the royal family was concerned Meghan might do something to risk her royal titles and wanted to take measures just in case.

  • Kate has gotten closer to Queen Elizabeth in recent years. 

    Kate Middleton
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    Kate Middleton has taken on a huge amount of royal responsibilities -- some of which used to be the monarch's. Although many think she is overwhelmed by the amount of work on her plate, sources close to Kate deny that she is too stressed. The Queen and Kate's relationship has grown over the past few years, but royal experts contend that in a December 2018 meeting, they formed a secret alliance.

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  • Royal experts claim the Queen and Kate had a royal pact together. 

    Queen Elizabeth II
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    In the book Royals at War by Dylan Howard and Andy Tillett, it's reported that in 2018, after Meghan and Harry's wedding, Queen Elizabeth and Kate Middleton formed an alliance. The alliance was designed to control Meghan and guide her through the difficult journey of becoming a member of the royal family. However, Meghan definitely did not want to be controlled.

  • Their secret alliance was in order to keep Meghan Markle under royal control. 

    Meghan Markle
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    Reports from royal insiders claim that the Queen wanted to avoid any scandals with Meghan and Harry, and was aware of the "trials and tribulations" of becoming a royal she had witnessed through Princess Diana. So, her solution was to have Kate become a guide to Meghan, and they should form a close bond. 

    However, that didn't happen.

  • Meghan and Kate reportedly had multiple feuds. 

    Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton

    Howard and Tillett, royal journalists, claimed in the book that Meghan was always determined to remain independent. There were also a few reported feuds about their childrens' royal titles. Now that Meghan and Harry have officially exited the royal family professionally, there is even more tension between Harry and his brother, Prince William, and Kate and Meghan.

  • Seems like Queen Elizabeth wanted to make sure the family line stays intact without scandal. 

    Queen Elizabeth II
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    Clearly, the pact didn't achieve its intended goal of keeping Meghan under royal control because she and Harry left as senior royals. The Queen, however, is still determined to maintain the monarchy and has been keeping a watchful eye on Kate to make sure the same mistakes aren't made with her and William.

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