Rob Kardashian Shows Off Weight Loss in Rare Photos

Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images

Rob Kardashian
Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images

Don't call it a comeback! Rob Kardashian was spotted at Khloe Kardashian's recent birthday bash. The single dad has been flying under the radar for quite some time now -- outside of dealing with our new normal -- and he is turning lots of heads given his weight loss.

Honestly, it's good to see Rob smiling again!

  • Rob is all smiles at Khloe's bash, clearly happy to be in attendance.

    "Sweet 16 ... woo," Rob Kardashian joked in his caption.

    Even though Rob is standing next to Kourtney, Khloe was the woman of the night. The celebrity mom is officially 36 years old, as her special day was June 27. (Kourt turned 41 on April 18.)

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  • KUWTK fans are peeping Rob's joy and are here for it. 

    "Okay looking Good this is the kind of positivity we need in our life," one fan wrote in response to Rob's photo.

    "I've always wanted me some rob ... love the smile," another added.

    "Rooobbbbbeeerrrrttttttt omg! I love him so much!" another exclaimed.

    It's so good to see him! And yes, we keep Khloe's cheating ex and baby daddy, Tristan Thompson, there too.

  • Rob Kardashian has been on a journey to heal himself, from the inside out, for some time now.

    Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna
    Xavier Collin/Image Press Agency/Splash News/

    "I think he's just going through a phase where he's not comfortable in his own skin," Kim Kardashian revealed about Rob back in 2015. "He is working really hard to get back to where he really wants to be."

    For years, Rob has been dealing with fluctuating weight in the public eye, along with mental health issues. His family has been concerned for him -- especially with his ongoing drama with Blac Chyna, the mother of his daughter, Dream Kardashian.

  • Things seem to be looking up for him.

    Rob Kardashian
    Gabriel Olsen/WireImage/Getty Images

    He's been getting his diabetes under control and has been focused on losing weight for the sake of his health.

    "Rob is considering going away to a live-in facility where he can be 100 percent focused on losing weight. His family has encouraged him and he feels like it might be just what he needs," a source told E! News earlier this year.

    "He really wants 2020 to be his best year and to finally get healthy. His biggest motivator is Dream and he wants to do it for her. He needs an extra push and this could be the way to do it. At home, there are distractions and it's easy to fall off course with his eating and working out. He feels like at a live-in facility, he could get the big jump start that he needs."

  • And we couldn't happier for him!

    Rob looks happy and healthy, and that's all that matters. He really went through it for a number of years, and while he may not completely be on the other side, we are thrilled for his progress as it will only make him a better dad for Dream.