Kate Middleton Has 'Killed' Paparazzi Photos of the Royal Family

Mark Cuthbert/UK Press via Getty Images

Kate Middleton
Mark Cuthbert/UK Press via Getty Images

Kate Middleton is eliminating the need for paparazzi photos by sharing her own candid photographs on social media. The Duchess of Cambridge has a love for photography, and her best subjects are her three children and husband Prince William. Royal experts think Kate's recent shares were a deliberate move against the paparazzi to prove there is no need for their photos when she has her own to share. 

  • Kate shared some of the cutest family photos ever taken of the Cambridges. 

    Royal experts Camilla Tominey has been observing Kate's approach to posting photos, and has determined that she's following the path of fellow royal, Princess Victoria of Sweden. Instead of letting paparazzi profit off of her family photos, Kate is sharing her own adorable moments. Camilla told the Daily Telegraph: "Why would any newspapers or magazines want to run grainy long-lens images of the royals in private when they themselves are willing to serve up crystal clear Instagram-style shots?"

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  • The pictures are so much more natural than any paparazzi photo. 

    While some paparazzi photos, like at red carpet events, are necessary, these candid shots provide a much clearer view of their family's life. 

    Camilla continued: "Of course there still is, and always will be, a place for experienced lensmen and women to capture the big royal moments. However, it has always been these more candid camera shots that the public has craved. When it comes to seeing the 'real' royals behind their public personas, the duchess is fast becoming the monarchy's leading chronicler of modern royal life."

  • The kids always look at ease when they have their mom behind the camera. 

    Obviously the three little ones are much more comfortable around their mom than a strange photographer. Louis, Charlotte, and George all had natural smiles in an adorable Father's Day photo with their dad Prince William. Kate took a page right out of Princess Victoria's book, and is sharing all her own photos with the press through Instagram. 

  • Princess Charlotte is one of Kate's favorite photography subjects. 

    Social media has given the royals, and all celebrities for that matter, a direct line to their fans and followers. In regard to photographs of her children, Princess Victoria posts all of her own images so that there is little need for paparazzi images. Victoria shared her own photos of her first daughter, Estelle, when she was born in 2011. 

  • Kate gave her followers some of the sweetest photos of Prince Louis we've ever seen. 

    Even though Kate is overwhelmingly busy with an increased workload, she still has time for her passion project: Photography. 

    The duchess has always loved sharing images of her children outside playing. For their birthdays, the Kensington Royal social media account usually shares images taken by Kate, like this adorable picture of little Prince Louis

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