17 Life Hacks We Learned From Kate Middleton

17 Life Hacks We Learned From Kate Middleton
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Kate Middleton
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From the day the public first laid eyes on her, Kate Middleton has exuded the kind of confidence only a would-be duchess could. The Duchess of Cambridge is put-together, but relatable, self-assured, but modest, always in mom-mode, but with the grace of a royal. It's absolutely no surprise that she knows things that can literally help all of us be just a little bit better at life. From beauty and fashion to travel and parenting, Kate has shared some genius hacks that can help just about anybody make it through their own hectic days with a bit more ease.

Her hacks are so good, that we have a feeling Kate was quite savvy even before she became royalty. Throughout her years of being a globe-trotting royal and a mother of three, the duchess has indeed come up with some neat tips and tricks -- and we wouldn't expect anything less from someone who seems to live life so flawlessly. 

It must take a whole lot of planning, organizing and ingenuity to be able to achieve everything the duchess does in a day. Yes, we know Kate Middleton has lots of help at her beck and call, but being a working mom is hard, especially when the entire world is watching. 

Kate might come pretty darn close, but she is not in fact superhuman -- so we definitely won't be taking off any points for the help she gets. Instead, we're taking notes and filing them away for future use. Keep reading to find out 17 of the most useful hacks, and tips and tricks we've learned from Kate Middleton.

  • No More Naughty Step

    kate middleton and kids
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    All we have to do is take one glance at Kate Middleton with her children to see that she is a mother first and foremost. She certainly doesn't seem like one of those celebrity parents who just lets their kids do whatever they want, either. She looks like she actually parents. So what happens when one of the mini royals is being naughty? It's been reported that instead of sending kid offenders to time out, William and Kate have a "chat sofa," which means they remove the child from the situation and go talk it out calmly, but firmly with the little one.

  • Make It a Game

    Kate Middleton and Princess Charlotte
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    The royal children attend a lot of events with their parents, but regardless of their status, they are still kids. So how does Kate keep them from losing it at often boring appearances? She creates games for them. Kate will make up little games and competitions for the kids to have in a designated area to tire them out and giving them something to do while the grown-ups are otherwise engaged.

  • Color Coding

    William and Kate
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    When William and Kate are traveling, they are hyper-organized. Because their travel itineraries are typically so packed and require outfit changes throughout each day, they have a lot of luggage. To make things a easier, they color code and tag suitcases with a specific color and initial assigned to each member of their family -- including the children.

  • Stick With Synthetic

    Princess Kate
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    Though perhaps not quite as breathable, the Duchess of Cambridge packs mostly clothing made from synthetic fabrics -- like polyester, nylon, and acrylic -- when she travels, because they are far less prone to wrinkle than natural fabrics like cotton and linen. Traveling with synthetic fabrics is always a safe bet because we'll be able to quickly pull something out of our luggage to throw on before heading out to dinner, or another event that requires us to look pulled together.

  • Embrace the Static

    kate middleton and meghan markle
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    Kate Middleton is not about to have a Marilyn moment. Both she and her royal sister-in-law, Meghan Markle, make a habit of wearing body suits underneath their dresses to keep them from flying up and revealing too much. Apparently, this is especially helpful when disembarking a plane directly onto the runway. Because the ladies are photographed essentially every time they arrive somewhere, it's super important.

  • Size Matters ...

    Kate Middleton high heels
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    ... or maybe it doesn't. 

    The Duchess of Cambridge spends hours upon hours standing and trekking around in sky-high heels, but never seems uncomfortable. How does she do it? She wears a variety of shoe sizes, depending on designer or brand, and will often size up to avoid blisters. Rumor has it that the Duchess of Sussex has also picked up this hack from her sister-in-law and wears shoes a size larger when attending events.

  • Hosiery Helps

    Kate Middleton
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    While it may not be the most trendy option, Kate Middleton has been spotted wearing pantyhose most of the time. Apparently, she favors a specific brand of tights that features nonslip pads right on the foot. They help keep her feet from slipping around in those just slightly too big shoes she wears to keep comfy at events. We could also try sticking adhesive dots right into our own shoes if we can't find grippy tights.

  • Wrap It Up

    kate middleton hairnet
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    Kate attends countless formal events that require her to have her hair styled in an updo without a strand out of place. To make sure her 'do is perfect all day long, Kate will often wear a fine hairnet that matches the shade of her hair exactly. It's an awesome and affordable idea for anyone who needs to keep their hair nice and neat for a long event.

  • Nude Nails

    kate middleton nails
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    Since the title of queen is in her future, Kate basically needs to appear perfectly groomed at all times. That includes always having an intact manicure -- or appearing to anyway. So how does Kate Middleton handle the inevitable chips and dents? She sticks with nude polish shades, because while they still eventually chip, it's much less noticeable than with bolder colors  -- which can help her make it to her next polish change without anyone noticing.

  • Keep It Clean

    Kate middleton skin hack
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    Kate's complexion always looks flawless, but that can't be easy to manage when she has to wear a full face of makeup daily. Apparently, the trick to her clear skin is in her cleansing method. She uses simple cotton washcloths to rid her pores of dirt and makeup and slough off any dead skin from the day, leaving her with smooth, healthy skin and a lovely glow.

  • It's All in the Brows


    In 2020, Kate seems to be aging in reverse. What's different about her? Well, since she hasn't been traveling as much, it appears she's taken the opportunity to let her eyebrows grow in -- and she's managed to achieve a more natural, full shape that makes her looks years younger. Kate might not even realize this hack herself, but it's definitely one we should all take note of.

  • Say No to Visible Bra Straps

    Princess Kate Bra Hack
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    Visible bra straps are a big no-no for the future queen, so to avoid the issue, Kate tends to eschew conventional bras, opting to wear strapless bodysuits under clothing that could potentially expose her straps. Not that she needs it, but we're betting those bodysuits also do a great job keeping bumps in bulges from showing through fitted dresses as well.

  • Work With Weights

    kate middleton
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    The royals -- including Kate -- regularly use another hack to keep their skirts down. (It's important!) They will often have small weights sewn into the hems of their skirts to keep them from flying up in the wind. Everyone from Kate and Meghan, to Queen Elizabeth have been known to use this trick. We guess they probably get used to the added weight after a while.

  • Check the Pantry

    kate middleton
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    One of Kate's beautician's has suggested that she uses a mixture of sugar, lip balm, and, get this ... Nutella as part of an at-home facial routine. Perhaps it's the antioxidants in the cocoa and the healthy fats from the hazelnuts that help plump up skin and make it look super healthy? If there's some Nutella in the house, it's worth a try. 

    At the least, it probably smells good.

  • Line With Gel


    Although she's backed off a bit on it lately, one of Kate Middleton's beauty trademarks is her dark eyeliner. Anyone who is a fan of dark eyeliner knows it can get messy after a few hours. Instead of a traditional liner, Kate goes with a gel eyeliner, which tends to stay in place longer and not creep up and spread the way most pencil liners do.

  • Skip Sulfates

    Kate Middleton Hair
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    The shine of Kate Middleton's hair has reached almost legendary status. Though she does do her own hair often, Kate still, of course, has a team of people to make sure it's perfect whenever it counts. One of her stylist's made sure that Kate switched to a sulfate-free shampoo, which is a good idea for anyone struggling with dry, dull hair. Sulfates are strong detergents that strip natural oils from hair -- so using a shampoo without them can result in shinier hair over time.

  • Re-Style the Same Dress

    kate middleton bafta
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    Unlike many celebs, Kate Middleton has been known to wear the same outfit multiple times. She likes to get creative with how she wears a garment, so that she appears different at the various events she attends. For example, she wore this floral off-the-shoulder gown to the 2017 BAFTA awards and then wore it again to a gala in 2019, but with the shoulders pulled up to create a different look.

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