15 Ways Prince Harry Has Changed For the Better Since Leaving Royal Life

15 Ways Prince Harry Has Changed For the Better Since Leaving Royal Life
Image: Daniel Leal-Olivas/AFP via Getty Images

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Daniel Leal-Olivas/AFP via Getty Images

If people like Lady Colin Campbell -- who is about to release a book on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle -- are to be believed, the Duke of Sussex is "pathetic." The author basically thinks that Harry is Meghan's lap dog with no brain of his own, a puppet whom she moves at will. Sad, but ya know, she's got books to sell. 

Harry may not have gotten great grades in high school -- something that his critics will not let him forget -- but he's certainly smart. Smart enough to understand that life as a working royal was not for him and that living simultaneously in a fishbowl and in the shadow of his future-king brother, and raising his son with pomp and circumstance was just not it. And so it's on to a new life, which we think has actually been great for him. 

We're not dummies. We know that the transition to private citizen with an independent source of income, and a future that he is charting from scratch day by day is hard -- doubly so, because he's away from his native country, and triply hard because he's been staying at home for months. But we also know that big changes are often worth the sacrifices, and for Harry, at least some of the changes have seemingly been positive. 

His critics are openly expecting, and in some cases, probably hoping he'll fail -- and by extension, his wife Meghan. That a supposedly pampered prince can't adjust to life outside palace walls. We think they're underestimating Prince Harry's will, his brains, his desire, and his vision as a father and husband. In short, they're underestimating the man who fought in Afghanistan, founded three nonprofits, and has broken with royal tradition time and again in the quest to live an authentic life. 

We applaud Harry and wish him well, and we hope that the below 15 ways that his life has improved since leaving working royal life are only the beginning.