Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Spotted Out in LA During Rare Appearance

Dan Istitene / Getty Images

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Dan Istitene / Getty Images

It's been a little while since we've seen Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, but don't let their low profile fool you. Since stepping down from their roles in the royal family, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been hard at work in Los Angeles, lending their ears, time, and hands to a number of charities -- and on Wednesday, they were spotting doing what they do best: Volunteering in person. 

  • On Wednesday, Harry and Meghan visited Homeboy Industries, a gang intervention and rehab program.  

    Can't see them? There's Meghan in the front wearing the apron with the logo on it, and Harry, towering above everyone, behind her in the background. 

    "Thank you to Harry and Meghan, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, for visiting and standing in kinship with our Café and Bakery teams yesterday!" the organization wrote in its caption. "Our staff was thrilled to work alongside them as they helped prepare food and learned more about our newly launched Feed Hope program, which employs our program participants to provide meals to food-insecure seniors and youth across Los Angeles."

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  • Evidently, Meghan was first made aware of Homeboy Industries when she was in high school. 

    Father Gregg Boyle, who runs the organization, worked with Meghan's high school, Immaculate Heart High School, and years ago, she and her mother, Doria Ragland, joined Boyle for a cooking class (a tamale recipe that, according to Vanity Fair, she still remembers to this day).

    "The duchess was really excited to go back," an aide said. "They both really enjoyed the visit and said the people they met were really special."

  • And not surprising in the least, Meghan and Harry were reportedly super chill when they visited this week. 

    According to Boyle, the duke and duchess were just "Harry and Meghan" during their visit. 

    "They rolled up their sleeves and deeply engaged with our workers in the Bakery and Café," he added. "It was immediate kinship and heartening in its mutuality."

    We wouldn't have expected anything less from Harry and Meghan

  • This isn't the first time Harry and Meghan have been spotted out and about volunteering. 

    Previously, they were seen delivering meals to elderly people in Los Angeles for Project Angelfood. 

    And it goes without saying, hands-on work is where their hearts are.

    "They're taking the pulse of how people are feeling, what the mood is, what's the potential and the role they could potentially have," a source told Vanity Fair of how Meghan and Harry are trying to help right now. "I think they are enjoying getting out and they really enjoyed yesterday. To them, Homeboy is a perfect example of how empathy, kindness, and compassion can change the world."

  • Say what you want about them, but the Sussexes are as hands-on as it gets. 

    prince harry, meghan markle
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    Whether they're personally speaking with people on video calls, delivering meals, or helping bake food with a charity, Harry and Meghan always go all in. Without a doubt, wherever this next chapter leads them, it will certainly be for the greater good of everyone around them -- and that's certainly something to be proud of. 

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