Kate Middleton's Backyard Swing Has a Sentimental Meaning Behind It

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Prince William and Kate Middleton
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Kate Middleton recently shared some of her own photos in a sweet Father's Day and happy birthday post to Prince William. The father of three posed with his little ones around a rustic backyard swing that has a significant, sentimental message. Kate, an amateur photographer, knew just how to capture her adorable family -- but it's the meaning behind the swing that's captured our hearts!

  • Kate's photography skills are getting better, and she captured some sweet family moments. 

    Kate shared a few photos for both Father's Day and Prince William's birthday, which were only a few days apart. The adorable photo series showed Will playing with all three of his and Kate's children, George, Charlotte, and Louis. Clearly family means a lot to this gorgeous group, and Kate knows just how to get the perfect moment on camera.

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  • For William's birthday, Kate shared some sweet family photos on their backyard swing. 

    One photo in the series was of Will and the kids swinging in the backyard of their Norfolk country home, Anmer Hall. The swing was from The Oak & Rope Company People found, which is a brand that engraves custom rustic swings out of hand-carved oak. "It was a wedding gift for Wills and Kate," an employee revealed.

  • Prince Charles gave the happy couple the engraved swing as a wedding gift. 

    Reportedly, Will and Harry's father, Prince Charles, gave his oldest son and bride the swing for their wedding back in 2011. So sweet!

    The old-fashioned swing is engraved with "William and Catherine." People found that the medium-sized swing cost $373 and took two weeks to hand craft. It hangs from a tree in their massive backyard at Anmer Hall and fits in with the country home feel.

  • Now, every time they spend time on the swing they're reminded of their special day. 

    William and Kate royal wedding
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    Almost a decade later, they are still using the sentimental gift. From these photos, it's clear that the swing has gotten plenty of use. The swing started out a sweet gesture and has now been used by the royal tots, too. The swing was even featured in George's third birthday photos. The adorable royal posed holding onto both ropes and standing atop the flat oak seat.

  • Things have certainly changed in the years since their wedding.

    Prince William, Kate Middleton, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, Prince Louis
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    In the nine years since they got married, Kate and William have welcomed three adorable children and have matured together. The couple seem as strong as ever, and they have taken on even more royal responsibilities. The long-lasting swing will likely stay in the family forever and will grow with meaning as the years go on.

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