Critics Think There's Chemistry Between Jessa Duggar & Jeremy Vuolo After Old Clip Surfaces

Jeremy and Jinger Vuolo

Duggar fans closely follow the relationships between Duggar sisters Jessa and Jinger and their husbands. The two sisters both found love early on and now have families of their own, but some critics think that Jessa and Jinger's husband Jeremy would have actually been a better match. A few Reddit users found a video that shows what they believe is sexual tension between Jessa and Jeremy -- and it's a little awkward to watch.

  • Jessa has been married to husband Ben Seewald for six years, and they have three children. 

    Jessa and Ben appear to have a picture-perfect relationship with three adorable kids. However, some Duggar family followers have another image in mind. There's obviously so much that goes on behind the scenes, despite these couples sharing happy go-lucky Instagram photos. Some think that a video of the sisters with their husbands is very telling.

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  • Critics have always questioned Jinger and Jeremy's love. 

    Some people think that Jeremy doesn't actually love and respect Jinger, because of the way he often interrupts her, talks for her, and their overly romantic posts on social media. Many people think it is all for show. Jeremy is a pastor, and he and Jinger moved to Los Angeles for him to pursue his ministry. Some critics think that he married Jinger just to get close to her family. 

  • Jeremy and Jessa, however, seem to be a match made in heaven. 

    Duggar followers and critics alike noticed chemistry between Jessa and Jeremy in a clip. Jessa and Jeremy joked with each other over ice cream while their spouses watched on. The exchange was overall very cringe-worthy to watch and made many viewers question their relationships.

    "Woah ... there is soooo much to unpack there. The way Jessa looks at him!!! omg," one commenter wrote. Another said: "I am completely convinced that these two spouses are mixed up."

  • Jessa and Ben met Jeremy first, and introduced him to Jinger. 

    Jessa admitted that she found Jeremy cute when they first met and that she thought he'd be a good match for her sister. On a trip to San Antonio, the couples reminisced on their first meeting. Jeremy was a friend-of-a-friend, and he hit it off with Ben right away. Jessa seemed to know that he'd fit in well with their family.

  • Jessa and Jinger are so close, it's highly unlikely an affair would ever occur.

    Many people commented wondering if Jessa and Jeremy would ever have an affair together, but that is highly unlikely. Jinger is pregnant for the third time after suffering a miscarriage last year. She's having another baby girl, so Felicity, who is almost 2, is about to have a sibling.

    Jessa already has three children of her own, two boys and a girl, and is rumored to be pregnant with a fourth. These clips could be fans just reaching for drama, but you never know with this family.