Jenna Dewan's Net Worth: How the Celeb Mom Made Her Money

Chloe Wilt | Jun 23, 2020 Celebrities
Jenna Dewan's Net Worth:  How the Celeb Mom Made Her Money

Jenna Dewan

For those who don't know, Jenna Dewan is a talented dancer, actor, model, and writer -- not to mention, she has a massive Instagram following that has led to paid promotional content and sponsorships. With all of those lucrative endeavors, Jenna has racked up quite a bank account, her net worth is estimated to be about $30 million. The mom of two was married to Channing Tatum, but the Step Up pair divorced in 2018. The split was costly for the both of them, as they shared many assets, like multimillion dollar homes and expensive vehicles. Channing and Jenna share 6-year-old daughter Everly. Now, Jenna is engaged to singer and actor Steve Kazee, and the couple just welcomed their first child, a son named Callum, in March. 

Jenna has been working since she was in her teens and got her start as a backup dancer. (The talented performer quickly rose to fame after she landed her most well-known role in Step Up.) Her high-profile relationship with Channing helped her career lift off and created a strong fan base. As the number of acting and dancing roles she landed grew, so did Jenna's following, which led to some cha-ching! 

This mama has been featured on the cover of countless magazines and has over 6 million followers on Instagram. With numbers like those, the 39-year-old mom is only earning more -- the opportunities seem to be endless. Recently, Jenna published her first book and has started a book tour that will add to her wealth. This strong start to her writing career is only setting her up for success down the road.

Between acting, dancing, producing, and writing, Jenna is just getting started. Here is a look back at how she accumulated her wealth.