'Sweet Home Alabama' Star Josh Lucas Accused of Cheating on Ex During Quarantine

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Josh Lucas, Noah Lucas, and Jessica Ciencin Henriquez
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As if there wasn't enough in the world to deal with, Jessica Ciencin Henriquez has opened up about her ex-husband and actor Josh Lucas cheating on her recently -- as in, during the current global health situation. The two have been divorced for years, but it seems as if they were trying to make things work as of late. Clearly, there was a miscommunication between the two, because Josh linked up with someone else. Us Weekly reported, however, that they were not trying to reconcile.

  • Josh Lucas' ex-wife Jessica Ciencin Henriquez penned a powerful message about the cheating allegations. 

    Jessica tweeted a message from her notes app claiming that she "deserves better," and we couldn't agree more. "It takes a really [expletive] person to cheat on their partner (correction: now ex-partner) in the middle of a pandemic," she wrote. So far, Josh Lucas has not responded to the reports.

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  • She sent even more messages that show just how hurt she really is. 

    The writer sent out a follow-up tweet in the comments. "Someone sent me a DM that said, 'if someone cheats on you during a pandemic, they must really hate you.' So, I did a little bit of fact checking and made minor edits, because that’s kind of what I do." 

    She changed the message to read: "If someone cheats on you, they must really hate themselves."

  • The couple divorced in 2014 but were back together while co-parenting during quarantine. 

    Jessica and Josh were married in 2012 and have a son named Noah. They were divorced less than two years later in 2014, and since have been on and off. Jessica claimed that they were trying to get back together during the crisis, but sources close to Lucas have said otherwise, according to People.

  • It seemed as if the two had a close relationship, but that has changed. 

    In April, Jessica shared a photo of her son and ex on Instagram. At the time she was reminiscing on a trip pre-global health issue and an easier time in the world. Now, things have only gotten increasingly difficult for this family.

    Man, we really feel for her. Who needs to deal with something like this now?

  • In 2018, Jessica wrote an essay for Time about the difficulty of co-parenting. 

    The essay depicts the hardships of divorce on an entire family and the many ways one can choose to co-parent. Jessica revealed that she and Josh tried a variety of options, including trying to get back together. After her scathing tweet, it's hard to imagine she'll ever try that again. 

    Like she said: Exes are exes for a reason. Move along, Josh.