Jana Duggar Reveals She 'Wouldn't Mind' a Relationship in New 'Counting On' Trailer

Jana Duggar addressed her relationship status in new trailer for 'Counting On'

As the eldest daughter in one of the most famous families in reality TV, Jana Duggar is no stranger to relationship rumors. Fans have been wondering about the 30-year-old's relationship status for years, and it seems she's finally opening up about it on the upcoming season of Counting On. From reports that Jana is actually gay to dating rumors with professional football players, this reality star has heard it all. From the clip in the trailer, it sounds as if Jana is over the speculation.

  • Jana opened up about her single status in the 'Counting On' trailer. 

    One of the show's producers asked Jana point-blank what she thought of all of the relationship rumors. "It can be tiring, everyone asking," Jana said. Then she spilled that "she wouldn't mind" being in a relationship. Even her hair stylist was trying to get the gossip from Jana about whether she'd found someone.

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  • Jana's twin brother John is married and had his first child.

    Jana has plenty of family to keep her busy, so who knows if she's even interested in finding a partner of her own. Her twin brother John and his wife, Abbie, just had their first baby, a daughter named Grace. 

    Jana congratulated her brother and sister-in-law with an Instagram post. "I couldn’t have asked for a better twin to go through life with than John, and their little girl is so blessed already that she got such an amazing guy for her daddy!!" Jana wrote.

  • Five Duggar women were pregnant at the same time. 

    In this season of Counting On, there are so many pregnancies. So, it makes sense that Jana's relationship status would come up as a topic of conversation. The Duggars are extremely religious and a traditional bunch, so many of the women in the family were married fairly young with babies on the way. As a single 30-year-old, Jana is certainly the odd one out in the family.

  • The 30-year-old shared that getting asked about her relationship status all the time does get old. 

    Jana has so much more going on than her dating life. The eldest daughter of Jim Bob and Michelle is open to the idea of a relationship, but is tired of always being asked about it. Sadly, she's given little to no freedom at home, and mostly helps her mother, raising her younger siblings and the incoming nieces and nephews.

  • Jana has been linked romantically to a couple of celebs, but nothing has stuck. 

    Jana has reportedly been courting singer Lawson Bates, even though she has denied any dating rumors. In 2014, she was rumored to be dating professional football player Tim Tebow, but that was shut down after his representative revealed that they'd never even met. Jana has tried dating a few men in the past, but she wants to get it just right.

    Maybe this season will be the first time we see Jana enter into a real relationship.