Amy Roloff's 'Road Trip' Pics Feature a Sweet Cameo From Daughter Molly

Amy Roloff

After being cooped up in the house for what feels like years at this point, we knew it was only a matter of time before this Roloff decided to hit the streets. Amy Roloff is sharing photos from her latest road trip, and they include a cameo appearance from her daughter, Molly Roloff, that's giving Little People, Big World fans so much joy.

  • Amy and Molly are all smiles in this sweet mother-daughter photo.

    "Took a road trip up to Spokane this weekend to visit my daughter Molly and my SIL Joel," Amy Roloff revealed. "She is simply amazing. So proud of her. We went on a 2 mile hike -- I'm excited I did it ... which was beautiful and then she made a fabulous delicious salad. I'm so glad I came. I miss her."


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  • It's been a minute since we've seen Molly appear in Amy's photos.

    One of the last times was back in November when Molly and her hubby, Joel Silvius, came down for Thanksgiving. 

    "What a special time it was to spend with some of my kids and Chris when he was able to come over on Saturday. I was reminded how blessed and thankful I am and everyday," Amy mentioned in her December 1 post.

  • And it's clear 'Little People, Big World' fans are happy to see Molly Roloff.

    Instagram comments

    ... with some lamenting over Molly not being on the show.

    "I miss seeing Molly's beautiful face on LPBW," one commenter wrote.

    "I wish your whole family was on the show again!" another added. "Makes me sad [and] makes me think that y'all aren't going to get many more seasons. I was shocked that Jeremy [and] Audrey quit last year."

    Something tells us that Little People, Big World will continue for some time.

  • It appears Amy has been enjoying her life.

    "Quarantine was the opportunity to do a lot of projects around the house, cooking and eating and a lot of Zoom meetings, doing videos, trying to learn more about technology more, phone calls and getting together w/ my family while being safe," she revealed in this Instagram post that also doubled as an update about her new home.

    She's definitely keeping busy!

  • Seems someone is living it up off the farm!

    We definitely need Amy Roloff to have her own spin-off show -- and fast! The fans want it, and this mama/grandma is only getting started with the second chapter of her life. We cannot wait to see all of the adventures that are on the way!