Side-by-Side Photos of Baby Kylie Jenner & Stormi Have Us Seeing Double

kylie jenner, stormi webster

Even though it's no secret that Stormi Webster is Kylie Jenner's mini me, the comparisons between the two have often been due to their sassy personalities and the fact that both have insanely stylish wardrobes. However, a Kardashian-Jenner fan recently unearthed a photo of Kylie as a baby, and when you see the pic next to Stormi, there's no denying the fact that these two look a lot alike.

  • On Wednesday, Kylie reposted this photo to her Instagram Stories:

    The photo was originally posted by a fan account, and it's no wonder Kylie reposted it because, man, these two look a lot alike here. Same smile, smile eyes. Even their heads are cocked slightly to the side in the same way. 

    Up to this point, we haven't seen this uncanny similarity between Kylie and Stormi, but there's no denying who Stormi takes after now.

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  • Here's another photo Kylie recently reposted on her Instagram Stories:

    Crazy, right? Kylie and Stormi clearly have the exact same facial expressions. Also, you've gotta hand it to Kris Jenner -- mama always had her kids dressed adorably. How cute is baby Kylie's Dorothy from Wizard of Oz costume here? If Kris happened to save the costume, Kylie should definitely have Stormi wear it one Halloween. 

  • Kylie has always loved matching with her girl.

    Although, let's be honest, some of the things Kylie wears would be pretty inappropriate for a toddler, the makeup mogul tries to coordinate her outfit with Stormi -- in an age-appropriate way -- whenever she can. And she consistently nails the lewks. Whether the girls are chillin' in bathing suits or rocking fancy dresses, they always go well together.

  • Kylie is enjoying the fact that Stormi likes to match her while it lasts. 

    In the beginning of March, Kylie shared this super cute photo of her and Stormi wearing matching pink and white dresses on vacation. Both looked great (though, sorry, Kylie, Stormi wins here), and, clearly loving the moment, Kylie captioned the photo: "I hope she wants to match w me forever," along with a lightning bolt emoji.

  • Sorry, Travis, but Stormi definitely takes after her mom. 

    Look at these two! As the fan page notes in the caption next to this pic: "They are legit twins." Lucky girls! Hopefully, Kardashian-Jenner fans -- and Kylie -- keep these cute photos coming. Not only is it so sweet to see throwback photos of Kylie, but it's also amazing to see just how much Stormi resembles her mom.

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