Amy Roloff's New Home Update Has Fans Celebrating Her Happiness Off the Farm

Amy Roloff

The past couple of years have been full of changes for Little People, Big World star Amy Roloff, and now, she's sharing more about a very big one with fans. This week, Amy shared an update on her new home -- and her relationship with fiancé Chris Marek -- and her followers on Instagram couldn't possibly be happier for her. 

Everything's coming up Amy these days! 

  • On Tuesday, Amy shared a pic of her and Chris that shows what they've been up to while getting settled in her house. 

    Amy Roloff shared a table set that she and Chris built for their back patio -- along with her excitement to host friends and family there in the future.

    "I can’t wait to enjoy the conversations, to gather, the food made and enjoyed and the people that will sit here w/ Chris and I let alone the time with just the two of us," Amy wrote in her caption.

    Sounds like she has a lot to look forward to! 

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  • She also revealed she's been busy doing all kinds of projects while hanging out at home. 

    "Quarantine was the opportunity to do a lot of projects around the house, cooking and eating and a lot of Zoom meetings, doing videos, trying to learn more about technology more, phone calls and getting together w/ my family while being safe," Amy added. "Definitely projects I wish I got done but I'll keep working on them." 

    This has been a super productive time for Amy, obviously -- and we're impressed! 

  • Fans are happy just to see Amy happy. 

    Instagram comments

    So many positive comments on Amy's latest update -- and for a good reason! It seemed like it was definitely a difficult choice to move away from the farm following her divorce from Matt Roloff, but so far, it also appears it happened to be the best choice she could possibly make -- especially as she begins this new chapter in her life with her future marriage to Chris. 

    And now, her house is even closer to being a home.

  • It's been great to see Amy thriving lately. 

    Of course, we're a little bummed that Little People, Big World is over for the season, because we won't get to see what she's up to that way ... but there's still social media that we can use to keep up with her. Everything she posts is so positive, even when she's faced with a challenge, and that's definitely something we need every once in a while.

    (The adorable photos of her and her family don't hurt, either.)

  • We can't wait for more updates on Amy's home. 

    Considering what a pro she and Chris have been at their DIY projects and decorating, we have a feeling she's about to supply us with endless inspiration for our own homes and projects. Everything we've seen so far of her new house has been awesome, and knowing that she has even more on her to-do list makes us even more exciting to see what she ends up doing with the place.