Mary-Kate Olsen Files for Divorce After Emergency Petition Gets Rejected

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Olivier Sarkozy, Mary-Kate Olsen
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Celebrity breakups are always hard, and it looks like this one is moving forward. It's official: Former Full House star Mary-Kate Olsen has filed for divorce from Olivier Sarkozy, wasting no time in making a swift legal exit from their marriage after reports surfaced earlier this month that the couple was splitting after nearly five years.

  • News of Mary-Kate and Olivier's split first broke May 13. 

    Olivier Sarkozy, Mary-Kate Olsen
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    At the time, TMZ reported that Mary-Kate asked for an emergency filing because New York courts were closed, but a judge denied her request. According to legal documents obtained by the outlet, Mary-Kate's lawyers had received an email from Olivier's lawyers that she was to have her things out of their apartment by May 18, and claimed that Olivier had terminated their lease and was trying to force her out.

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  • As soon as courts opened Monday, Mary-Kate's lawyers filed for her divorce proceedings.

    Mary-Kate Olsen
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    Per Us Weekly, Mary-Kate's lawyers filed a summons and complaint in Manhattan on Monday, which happened to be the first day that the courts have been opened to non-essential filings since the city was shut down. 

    The shutdown would have also made it hard for Mary-Kate to make it out of her apartment before the deadline that Olivier gave her, so all around, it would have been pretty tough to make this whole thing happen without the courts.

  • Fortunately, it sounds like Mary-Kate is well protected financially. 

    Mary-Kate Olsen, Olivier Sarkozy
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    An earlier report from Us Weekly claimed that Mary-Kate has an "ironclad prenup" that will hopefully prevent Olivier from draining her $500 million bank account ... especially now that she's officially filed for divorce and is moving ahead with their split.

    "Her business interests and fortune are protected," a source close to the fashion designer told the outlet. 

  • So far, there haven't been many details out there about what could have happened.

    Mary-Kate Olsen, Olivier Sarkozy
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    Given that Mary-Kate has mostly lived off the radar for her entire adult life, especially recently, it's hard to even speculate what might have made her and Olivier decide to go their separate ways. It's still worth mentioning that she and her now ex have a pretty big age gap between them, though -- Olivier is a 51-year-old father of two whereas Mary-Kate is 33, so that may have ended up catching up to them.

  • Here's hoping Mary-Kate is hanging in there.

    Mary-Kate Olsen, Ashley Olsen
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    Divorce is never easy, and it sounds like she's had to deal with a bit of drama along the way, which definitely isn't fun. But hopefully, she has plenty of friends and family around her (including twin sister Ashley) to support her at this time ... and that now that she's filed, the rest of her divorce will go as smoothy as possible.

    We'll be thinking of her! 

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