Jill Duggar's Husband Grew a Lockdown Mustache & Fans Have Conflicting Feelings

Derick Dillard and Jill Duggar Dillard

We know that facial hair comes and goes in the ebb and flow of fashion. Right now, with the whole world health thing, we don't have as much control over what our appearance looks like. Many of us still live in places that haven't yet opened up the salons and other appearance-based business. And so, we're kind of roughing it – or trying new looks because we're not really going into the office right now either.

  • Jill Duggar's husband, Derick Dillard, is giving a new look a try. 

    We've seen the members of the Duggar family change their appearance over the years. Some have surprisingly cut their hair; others have ventured into more sophisticated makeup and outfits. And it looks like Derick Dillard is trying a new facial hair look.

    Derick has grown a mustache.

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  • We've seen the mustache grow in social media pictures. 

    In early May, Jill shared a social media photo of Derick with their two kids on his back. She was celebrating him finishing his second year of law school, and at that time, Derick was clean-shaven. There were no hints of his decision to grow out the hair on his face.

    But, just a few days later, on May 8, Jill shared another photo, this time of just Derick, and there was a hint of a "five-o'clock shadow" with a little bit more shadow on his upper lip. This was the first clue that he was going to grow a mustache.

  • We got a good look at Derick's mustache May 17, and it was clear he was growing it out.

    Derick posted a photo to his Instagram account to wish Jill a happy birthday. The post was a photo slide with three images. In the first, we saw that Derick had grown out a mustache, and in the last slide it was even more clear that the hair under his nose was intentional as it was the only unshaven part.

    At that time, people commented on his mustache because it's really hard to ignore. However, most comments that were posted were used to wish Jill a happy birthday.

  • But Jill posted a new photo, and Derick's facial hair was fully featured.

    In another photo slideshow, Jill shared some snaps of summer days with her kids. Her caption read, "Enjoying some beautiful weather outside today before the rain starts." The first slide was her oldest child, Samuel, smiling. The second photo was one of her and Derick, and the third slide was a sweet image of Israel.

    And the last photo seemed to be an ode to the mustache, just Derick smiling in all his mustache glory.

  • To each their own, for sure, and right now is a great time to try new things, but fans were conflicted. 

    It really doesn't matter what anyone thinks about anyone else. We're all able to do our own thing. However, it was clear in Jill's comment section that people had feelings about Derick's new look.

    "The mustache. No." one person wrote.

    Another commented, "Derrick looks like the dude you warned your kids about offering puppies from a tinted out van."

    "I can't even with the mustache," another commenter wrote.

     And then came this gold comment: "I love you guys, but Derrick's mustache need to head back to the 70's."

  • Not everyone hated the look, and there were some comments of support. 

    "I don't typically like mustaches, but I think it suits Derrick very well" one fan wrote.

    Another fan commented, "That facial hair 😂 my fiancé also has a goofy mustache and it cracks me up everytime."

    Someone else left a comment that read, "Ya know I really like the moustache. Looking distinguished Mr. Dillard."

    To each their own, right?