Kate Middleton Hints Prince George Has the Same Creepy Obsession as Any Other 6-Year Old

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Prince George holding his parents' hands
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As kids grow up, they tend to go through phases of likes and dislikes. Many of them, across the board, are the same. For instance, there's a phase when kids are afraid of strangers (we call this the "stranger danger" phase) when kids cry whenever they can't see mom. There's the phase when our toddlers say "no" to everything, and we can't get them to sit still for even half a moment. As they grow, there are phases of fears and interests, and little ones may even hit the phase of being obsessed with creepy things.

  • It sounds like Prince George has hit that phase, which makes sense because he's 6 years old.

    Earlier this week, George's parents, Kate Middleton and Prince William, surprised residents at a nursing home in Wales with a special Zoom call. They didn't just pop on the video to say "Hello" or to wish them well. No, this fun couple popped in to play with the residents and were guests at their bingo night.

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  • Through video chat, the royal parents played virtual bingo by calling out the numbers.

    Playing along with the residents at Shire Hall Care Home in Cardiff, William and Kate called out each number of the game. According to Instagram, one of the numbers reminded Kate of her eldest, George, and his apparent love of snakes.

    "George would like this one -- five and five, snake's alive," the mom of three said while she called out the number on the ball, which was 55. She held up the ball to the camera so all the residents could see. This is a big hint that George has a fascination with creepy, slithery snakes.

  • Apparently, Prince George is not afraid of snakes, although it's a common fear for many.

    A fear of snakes is one of the most common fears around the world, according to a 2015 BBC article. During a study, researchers were intrigued by this idea and sought out to find out if fear of snakes is something we're born with. It turns out kids don't have an innate fear of this creature but seems to develop it later on.

    Fear researcher Judy DeLoache from the University of Virginia told the BBC that one of the most common and intense fears in the world is that of a snake.

    "While we find differential responses to snakes early on, meaning they are special, it doesn't seem to be related to fear early in development," DeLoache said. "It's possible that paying more attention to something might make fear learning easier later on. It facilitates fear learning."

  • The royal couple has shared a few other of the little prince's favorite things before. 

    According to People, last year, Kate shared that George, who was only 5 years old at the time, was learning about space while attending school. Of course, he also had to follow along with the typical school classes such as math, literacy, and science.

    And when he was little, he was "obsessed" with tractors.

  • During the bingo video call, Kate wore a dress that had a nod to her sister-in-law.

    Meghan Markle holding Archie, Kate Middleton with her
    Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

    Kate's dress during the video call was the same one she once wore in summer 2019. It was the same event where Meghan Markle, Kate's sister-in-law, was seen out and about for the first time since welcoming her son, Archie. We're really curious if the rewearing of the dress was a coincidence or kind of like a "Hello" from afar?

    There really is something wonderfully comforting about celebrities and royals rewearing their clothing. It's such a normal thing for regular people to do -- but we know they don't have to.