15 Things To Know About Harry & Meghan's $18 Million Temporary Home in LA

15 Things To Know About Harry & Meghan's $18 Million Temporary Home in LA
Image: Karwai Tang/WireImage/Getty Images

prince harry and meghan markle
Karwai Tang/WireImage/Getty Images

As soon as the news emerged that Harry and Meghan moved to Los Angeles, the speculation began as to where, exactly, they'd set up. Soon, there was talk that they had bought a home in Malibu or were staying there, among other places. 

We were all wrong.   

Now it's been confirmed: They're staying at an $18 million mansion belonging to movie and TV tycoon Tyler Perry, whose Madea movies and other projects have made him a power player in Hollywood. Perry is hardly ever there, as he spends most of his time clear across the country in Atlanta, Georgia.

The 24,545-square-foot home, spread out over 22 acres, is of course beautiful and so well-suited to Harry and Meghan's present moment and reality in so many ways. It's the perfect hideaway for a couple just trying to piece their lives back together after stepping back from royal life.

What do Meghan and Harry need most right now? A secure place far away from prying eyes where they can settle as they continue to search for a place to call their own. This home definitely fits the bill, with a remote and low-key location literally above the city of Los Angeles. 

Los Angeles is so different from Windsor, a place across the pond where the couple lived most of the time at Frogmore Cottage -- or even fellow big city London. As they venture out here and there, whether to walk the dog or deliver food to the needy, it must be comforting to come home to a place that's basically a hideaway. 

Financially, too, it must be a relief. Though it's not been confirmed, our bet is that they're bunking down at Tyler's house rent-free. After all, they just began paying back restoration done at Frogmore Cottage, to the tune of $21,780 a month. Harry and Meghan have money, but something tells us that their bank account isn't deep enough to pay rent in two places.

Whatever the case, we're glad that they have a safe and beautiful place for themselves and Archie. Here are 15 things that we know about the hilltop house. 

  • Oprah Did Not Arrange Harry & Meghan's Move

    prince harry and meghan markle
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    When it was discovered that Harry and Meghan were staying at his home, many thought their mutual friend, Oprah Winfrey, had arranged it. But Oprah bestie and CBS This Morning anchor Gayle King said that was not the case. "Oprah didn't hook that up," she told Entertainment Tonight. "Harry and Meghan know people. Tyler knows people. Oprah knows people, but she did not make that connection for Harry and Meghan to live in Tyler's house."

  • Tyler Perry Built It From Scratch

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    Tyler, who is worth $600 million, bought the 22 acres of land for $4.3 million in 2004. Although he hoped to sell the site the house sits on, he later went ahead and built the mansion, though he mostly lives and works in Atlanta, where he built a vast studio in 2015. It's a good thing for Meghan and Harry, because it meant that the house was empty when they needed it.

  • A Hiker Once Got Lost There


    This is the front of the house, which Tyler photographed when a lost hiker found his way near the back of the property before help arrived. Minus the fire truck and police cars, it's a great reward for using a full tank of gas traveling from the front gate (surely there is a huge gate). Truly a house that is on this grand of a scale is something that Harry, in particular, is used to.  

  • It's Got a Grand Entrance


    Here's an even better view of the front of the house, which reveals that though it is in a contemporary style, it has small elements of Tuscan style built in -- like the roof beams, columns, and Italian cypress tree. (So beautiful, and so California.) There's an enormous wrought iron gate that seems to cover the front door with equally big stone urn decorations on either side of the steps leading up to it. 

  • Harry & Meghan Installed Extra Security Measures

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    Eddie Mulholland/AFP via Getty Images)

    While the home seems pretty private, it's also near the Beverly Drive Franklin Canyon Connector Trail, a hiking hot spot that recently reopened to a locked down public ready to go outside. Hikers would be able to see directly into the property, so the couple installed screens to shield the affected area from looky-loos and their phone cameras. Given that paps once lowered a helicopter onto the grounds of a home they were renting and took pictures of their bedroom, this is a no-brainer. 

  • The Garden Views Are Endless

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    April showers, May flowers in my backyard.

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    In another area of the garden, stone paths wind around manicured trees. Tyler posted this picture to show preparations underway for a couple of parties he was hosting, and although that's not likely something Harry and Meghan will be doing anytime soon, they can just enjoy the foliage and even have their own private outdoor meals here.