Royal Expert Reveals Why 'B-List Actress' Meghan Markle Couldn't Cut It as a Royal

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Meghan Markle
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After having years in the entertainment industry under her belt, we'd think that Meghan Markle would have been prepped and ready for royal life after marrying Prince Harry ... but apparently, that may not necessarily be true. According to a royal expert, Meghan's experience as a "B-list actress" in Hollywood did not prepare her for this -- and honestly, nothing could have.

  • Royal expert Katie Nicholl said Meghan and Kate both went through training before marrying into the family. 

    Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle
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    In an interview with 9Honey, Nicholl opened up about Meghan and Kate needing to be taught how to be royal, because neither of them came from the same background as their husbands. Sounds reasonable enough. 

    "Both Meghan and Kate married into the royal family as commoners, albeit one as a well-known actress who was older and perhaps had more life experience, but they both married-in really not knowing the mechanisms of the royal family, protocols, everything that really needed to be learnt," Nicholl said.

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  • Nicholl said that maybe Meghan thought she wouldn't need training after being a 'B-list actress' -- harsh! -- but she definitely did. 

    Meghan Markle
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    Although it's definitely rough to hear Meghan described that way (hey, Suits was good!), Nicholl was really comparing it to Meghan becoming "the most famous woman in the world," which she kind of did ... and there's no preparing for that.

    "As an actress, she was used to being photographed -- she was famous in her own right before marrying into the royal family -- but she's said herself there was this suggestion that she would be able to handle the press attention and find her way in the spotlight because of her previous experience," Nicholl said.

  • Despite the B-list slight, though, Nicholl does seem to be rooting for Meghan here. 

    Meghan Markle
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    "She did have a tough time with the press in the early days but I think in Meghan's case it does seem to be the case where she couldn't do anything right -- from her color of her nail varnish to how much she patted her bump to the clothes that she wore to being overly hands-on and hugging people -- she seemed to ruffle feather with whatever she was doing," she said.

    Yep, we can definitely see that. Meghan seems to get backlash no matter what she's doing, even if she's just helping other people.

  • Nicholl also guesses that life was a lot harder for Meghan and Harry than they let on. 

    Meghan Markle, Prince Harry
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    "They projected a very happy image of themselves -- Meghan and Harry -- but scratch beneath the surface and all wasn't what it seems," Nicholl said. "They were both unhappy, Meghan particularly, there were big parts of her new life that she was finding hard to adjust to."

    But now, it appears they've managed to correct a lot of that by stepping down as working royals ... and we can only hope it continues to improve for them from here.
  • For what it's worth, it truly seems like Meghan has done the very best she could. 

    Meghan Markle
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    Especially given the circumstances ... with those circumstances being "marrying into the royal family as an American woman of color" and all the odds that were against her because of that. 

    All that matters is that Meghan is happy, and these days, it seems like her life is working out to be a much better fit for her in the US. She's an A-list actress in our hearts -- and an A-list royal, too.

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