Matt Roloff's Rare Photo With Son Jacob Comes With a Message For 'LPBW' Fans

Matt Roloff

Since he's opted out of filming for Little People, Big World, it's not often we get an update on Jacob Roloff, but now, dad Matt Roloff has the hookup. On Wednesday, Matt shared a rare photo of Jacob on Instagram along with a message about social media and kindness that's pretty important to hear right about now.

It's so good to see this father and son together! 

  • Matt shared the photo of him with Jacob and his wife, Isabel, and grandson Jackson. 

    According to Matt's post, Jacob and Isabel were spending time with their nephew, Jackson (Tori and Zach Roloff's son, of course) out on the farm.

    He wrote

    "Haven't really touched social media in the last week .. but couldn’t help but share this photo... uncle Jacob and Aunt Izzy were out on the back acres getting ready to head out on one of their road trips .. Jackson wanted ChaCha to snap a photo. Uncle Jacob has been teaching Jackson how to use the telescope he gave him for his birthday and shoot rockets in the air." 

    So sweet -- and Jacob and Isabel look great! 

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  • The 'Little People, Big World' star went on to share that he hasn't been impressed with what he's seen on social media lately.

    "I caught up a bit on recent social media posts," Matt Roloff continued. "It's very apparent that people are frustrated and angrier th[a]n normal. I understand. But getting on the internet and being a mean person is no way to live your life." 

    Given everything that's going on in the world, it makes sense that people are a little more on edge these days. (Social distancing can make people cranky!) But Matt doesn't deserve the extra hate.

  • It seems like Matt is disappointed in some of the feedback from 'Little People, Big World.'

    Instagram comments

    The season finale aired this week, and people seem to have a lot of opinions. So much went down this season -- from Amy's engagement, to Matt and Caryn's relationship growing, and Tori and Zach welcoming their second child, Lilah Roloff, into the world. 

    Even in Matt's comments on his photo with Jacob, people couldn't help but point out that they didn't love his behavior (or girlfriend Caryn Chandler's) this season, like the ones above. Guess this is what he's been talking about!

  • What really matters is that Matt is happy -- and Jacob and Izzy seem happy, too. 

    As much as we'd love to see them on the show, we totally get why Jacob and Izzy would want their privacy, especially with as much as they love to travel instead of hanging out just in one place. They're not the only ones who have opted out of reality TV, either. Matt and Amy's daughter, Molly, has passed on being on camera, and now, Jeremy and his wife, Audrey, aren't on the show. 

  • We love how positive Matt is, so hopefully, his social media comments will start reflecting that.

    Like he said, it's important to be kind -- even when using the internet and talking to (and about) total strangers. No matter how much we think we know the Roloffs, we only know what they and TLC choose to show us. Basically, it's just a small part of the overall picture.

    Be nice out there, because it's the right thing to do. In the meantime, our fingers are crossed for more pics of Jacob and his fam.